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  1. Do you guys think a Cervini's hood would like alright with a Saleen body kit or would it look too mismatched?
  2. Post pics of the products so we can decide better.
  3. I would say :nice:
  4. Here's the Cervini front. I cant find any good ones of the Saleen front.

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  5. try the virtual bodyshop, they can make it happen
  6. And where do I find the virtual body shop, I've never heard of it before?
  7. I say go for it! These should help a little...
  8. I'm a big fan of the stalker stuff myself anyway.....I was gonna go with the heat extractor hood from saleen, but it was a couple hundred more than cervini's.

    I give it 2 thumbs up.......It'd be all that AND a bag of chips
  9. I'm probably gonna go with the Cervini Hood with the Saleen body kit. I like the Saleen kit, and I need the clearance the cervini's hood offers. So yeah... If it doesn't look good, i'll learn to like it ;)
  10. clearence for what?
  11. ENGINE MODS!!!!!!!
  12. I might need the extra 3" or so for the intercooler to intake pipe. Depends how I plan to set the bastard up. That is a way down the though, but I like to be prepared first. Like driving around with a 3-gauge a-pillar... yeah I've caught hell for that so it's sitting in my closet ;)
  13. yeah man i think that that would actually be a pretty tight look. ive seen a 99+ saleen w/ a cervinis stalker hood and it looked sick.

    also does ne one know where i can buy a 99+ s281E hood. i think that those look sick and while i still like the y2k cobra r hood it would give the setup that i want a little less cobra r replica look.
  14. wow hmm i can see why youd want to get a different hood to go on your car the s281e one is freaking $800. o well hey any one know if someone sells replica saleen hoods?
  15. I wasn't going to get the Saleen hood anyways :) I'm just getting the front and rear bumpers, s281 wing, and side skirts. I was either going to get a 3" cowl hood, but I saw the Cervini hood. It has a 3" cowl as well, looks better, and is cheaper.
  16. Minor probs with the Cervini hood: if you don't buy the scoop from Cervini, the scoops let water into the engine bay while driving in the rain/car washes/etc. You'd almost be better off getting one from or someplace like that if you don't care about having a hood that's not functional. I noticed about a 5* drop in engine temperature.....not much at all, maybe cuz my temp. sensor is on top of the engine, dunno. is downs ford out of New Jersey, in their articles in MM&FF they show several parts for Saleens from 94 all the way up. Maybe they can help you