Body parts?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by samwe, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. It looks like the insurance is going to fix my car. I need to know where I can get good fenders, and a rear 1/4. i would like good stuff, not the ill fitting junk I have heard stories about.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Try
  3. grab a Hemmings Motor News from your favorite book store .... if its not in there, its not anywhere LOL
  4. [i thnk i can get you a pair of original (used) fenders here locally for a reasonable price, probabaly around 100-150 maybe 175 each and i think he has a decent pair of headlight extensions as well, as for the quarter, i know he has a couple of 70 fastbacks in the lot but i don't think he was planning on parting them out, at least not that far anyway. one he is planning on making a race car and the other is actually quite restorable even though it is basically a shell. let me know if you are interested and i'll see what he wants for them and if he'll sell a quarter or not. let me know if you need anything else as well. he has a ton of early model parts
  5. I just bought one that is ok. I would be interested in another passenger side fi it were rust and dent free.

    The 1/4 is worth checking into if nothing else...
  6. sam, i talked to him a few minutes ago and he said he may have a repro quarter skin if you are interested, he couldn't remember which side it is, but i'll look at it tomorrow when i go look at the fenders. he has several fenders and the best i can remember most of them were in very good shape i'll let you know more tomorrow. he does still have the 2 70 fastbacks but the quarters are rough on the one he is planing on making a race car out of and he won't pull the quarters off the other. he is kind of eccentric but a real nice guy, the car with the good quarters is only a shell but he is planning on restoring it someday. :rolleyes:
  7. sam i just got back from his place, he has a couple different fenders and the quarter skin. one fender is absolutely perfect and was an NOS replacement at one time and apparently wasn't on the car for more than a year, it has no undercoating on it whatsoever and you can still read the ink stamped part number on the backside of it, no dents, dings, rust or bondo. all you'll have to do is strip the paint. he wants $350.00 for that one. the other one is in almost as good shape but it is an original that has been on the car for 34 years, but it has no rust, no bondo and the only imperfection it has is on the top of the fender at the crease where the hood line is and it is just a small one, looks like someone sat on that part of the fender. a good bodyman could have that fixed without having to use any bondo at all, probabaly would'nt even need a skim coat. he wants $175.00 for that one. the quarter skin is a repro and it is the passenger side brand new in the box we opened it for the first time while i was there and it doesn't even appear to have any of the small shipping damage that normally occurrs he wants 100.00 for it. let me know if you are interested. i can probabaly get you a decent deal on shipping through the parts warehouse i used to work for since they have an account with ups and get really good deals. let me know what you want to do, thanks.