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  1. Hey guys i was wondering if you could help me with a question regarding a mustang a guy has for sale. It got into a frontal crash and it needs new front bumper, grill, Headlights, hood, side fenders and airbags. ABout how much do you think it would cost to get this car "off to the races". The Stang is Mineral grey and it has low miles and its extremly clean on the inside. Also from behind it looks perfect but then you go to the front and it has those imperfections i listed. Well thnx for the help.
  2. id say close to 3,000 in parts. and about 1500 to 2200 in paint and labor.

    My dad said it would cost about 6 grand to fix for everything, but it all depends on how much these parts go for on this new of a vehicle.
  3. Well i think i will bring my mechanic buy to give me a quote on how much it would be to replace this car back to/as close to A-1 condition. Thanks for the help.
  4. take it to a body shop and get an estimate. thats the only way to know...they have the prices. a mechanic can only guess. no one can tell you how much it will cost except the body shop. they do an estimate and then you know for sure. but then they tear it down and find more damage.... thats why its called an estimate, and not a final bill.