Expired Bogart D-10's 15x10.5 And 15x4.5 Fits Over Cobra Brakes

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  1. $1150
    Have a set of Bogart D-10 For SALE. The are need of good Cleaning but in 8/10 Shape. The came off of my 99 Cobra are are set up for a 99 SRA. The fronts have the back space to Fit over Cobra Brakes. The rear due have screws to hold a true slick in place. The reason it has 8/10 rating is has a few scratches on rear wheels. The tires are 28x10.5 MT Drags and front are 15x4.5 MT Streets. The front have about 3/32 tread lest. The backs have about half tread depth left, But tires are about 6 years old so may want to replace. The center caps and lug nuts have a little bit of rust on them but still are fine to use. Getting rid of wheels because i gave up on Drag racing and just going back to a street car set up.

    Pictures by cobras305 - Photobucket

    I am in Allentown, Pa And due not what to ship wheels.
    Email at [email protected]
    or call/Text at 610 390 7867

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