"bolt on" disc brakes question for vacum line location

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  1. we purchsed a front power disc brake upgrade kit for mpb and have painfully:bang: gotten all the lines in place mounted the booster, proportioning vlave and bolted up the calipers and discs. now we are stuck on where to tap in for the vacum line. we have a 302 and theres 2 choices, 1 off of the carb or the back of the intake manifold which also is used by the auto tranny. weve been told to use the tranny tap and use the carb and also been told to use the carb and not the tranny tap.
    thanks for all suggestions
  2. Guess you should use the carb and not the tranny tap then. Since you have been told that twice. :rlaugh: j/k couldn't resist.
  3. Mine is tapped off the trans. No problems.
  4. tim where did u get the T fitting b/c carquest came up with something but i think we could fond somethin better
  5. any other opinions???
  6. there is a factory fitting that has a 3/8 hose nipple on the end and a couple small fittings on the side designed just for that u can use the back of the carb too should just work just fine eithor way
  7. Originally posted by 66fb302v8:
    I took a 1/4 NPT 90 degree to 3/8 inverted flare adapter for the brake booster, and I drilled and tapped it for 1/8" NPT 90 degree to 1/4 inverted flare adapter to the trans.


    It's been working for a few years.

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