1. Hey im trying to figure out what is good bolt on hp..im gonna spend arounda bout 500 bucks....i already got under drive pullies, headers, ignition,....i want to do a few mods..just wondering what everyone recommends and has on there 5.0.......any help would be appreciated..thats fellow stangers:nice:
  2. won't add any hp. But put some gears in, if you dont have any.

    I would go 3.73 for 5-speed, and 4.10s for aod
  3. I agree with gears. You will notice a huge difference!
  4. i was told by 2 people do gears at work......im prob gonna go with the 373....i was told i have to change the gears in the tranny or on the tranny....does anyone know what that is called???
  5. Speedometer drive gear, like $10.00 or so

    for 3.73 in a 5-speed you will need a 23 teeth gear
    for 3.73 in a aod you will need 21 or 20 teeth gear
    but tire size can change that.

    is your car a 5-speed or automatic?
  6. my car is a 5 speed....is there any kits out there??..i want to do a new cover on the rear end also..
  7. gt40p heads:shrug:
  8. If you want to go new with the gears go to 50resto.com.... they have a kit that comes with the ring & pinion, bearing set, lube, and friction modifier. That's what I got and it wasn't too expensive.
  9. screw the 3.73s go for the 4.10s.. I got em and I love them.. with a 5 speed.. you will not be sorry..!
  10. On a budget? do the junkyard upgrade...

    Gears - 87-88 T-Bird Turbo Coupe rear axle - disc brakes and 3.55 or 3.73 gears in one package for $125-$300. Add another $100-$200 or so to complete the brake upgrade.

    94-95 Mustang GT MAF - $40-$100. It is 70 MM instead of the stock 55 MM on regular stangs built prior to 94. It uses a slip on duct on the side that goes to the throttle body and a 4 bolt flange on the other. You need a flange adapter to fit the stock slip on air ducting that goes to the air box. Wiring plugs right in with no changes. *1 *2

    95-97 Ford Explorer intake manifold & throttle body $150-$300. The intake manifold flows 220 CFM +, much better than stock. Throttle body is 65 MM, bigger than the 60 MM on stock stangs. I got a 96 with EGR passages that match the stock setup, so my smog gear works just like factory. You’ll need a 65 MM EGR spacer & new gaskets for $65-$90 so you have a place to mount the EGR & throttle linkage.

    3G alternator from 94-95 Mustangs or other Ford. $20-$120. A must have to make the electrical system work like it should. You’ll need a 4 gauge power wire and a 125-135 amp fuse to go with it about $15- $30.

    Lincoln MK VIII electric fan -$40-$160. Free up some HP by not having to drive the stock fan. The 3G alternator upgrade is a must have prerequisite before you do the MK VIII fan. You won’t have enough electrical power if you don’t do the 3G upgrade.

    Aluminum driveshaft: (courtesy of shawn13) It needs to be from a 92-93-94 Aerostar AWD and you will need the u-joint, part #353 from NAPA. It should bolt right up after the u-joint swap.

    *1.) A metal flange adapter is available from: http://www.kustomz.com/cat3.html . Buy the TR70 for $44.95.

    *2.) MAF & sensor interchange
    The 94-95 Mustang 5.0 MAF & sensor is also found on:
    1995-94 Mustang 3.8L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
    1994-92 Crown Victoria 4.6L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
    1995-94 Mustang, Mustang Cobra 5.0L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
    1994-92 Town Car 4.6L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
    1994-92 Grand Marquis 4.6L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
    The A2A, AA, AB, etc, on the end of the part number are minor changes that do not affect the calibration.
  11. I have 3.73's on my AOD and what a change that was from the stock 2.09. She grips and rips now eith the NITTO drag radials on her and my wet shot...
  12. def go with the gears for a 5 speed dont they say 373's? and auto 410? well anyway if your doing the job yourself its cost around 500, but its very tool intensive. If you dont got the tools for it you might as well get it done someplace http://www.angelfire.com/theforce/5ohcpa/cpa5ohtech001.htm but if you wanna the experience. as for bolt-on hp (since its in your title) i for 511 you could get a trick flow intake......02