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  1. lookin to buy some wheels and want to know what the exact olt pattern is and what backspacing i need. reason being the only wheels i see people running are the bullets and fooses. is it a 5x5.5 or what? thanks for the help, backspacing info is appreciated a lot as well.
  2. 5x4.5, 45mm backspacing.

  3. The 45MM Jimp quoted is stock for the 05-06 Stangs.. But you can use anything from 29MM to 45MM, and they will not stick out of the fender well.. Anything lower like 22MM,24MM,26MM will stick out of the fenders, not allowing you to lower the car..

    Also, if you plan on using anything smaller than 18" wheel, then the higher the offset the better.. Lets take a bullit for example.. You have an 18" wheel with a 26MM offset, and a 17" wheel with the same 26MM offset..

    The 17" wheel with the 26MM offset will actually hit the brake caliper, but the 18" wheel would clear it.. But the 18" wheel would stick out of the fender well..

    So the bigger the wheel, the lower the offset can be to clear the brake caliper.. This is also based on the wheels design..

    In my case, I have the 17" Mach1 SVT wheels.. They are 29MM offset.. They also make them in a 26MM offset.. Since I went with a 17" wheel, I am ok on the brake caliper clearence, because I have a higher offset.. If I had chosen the 26MM offset, I would hit the brake caliper..

    If you were to look at my wheels, you would swear they are going to hit the brake caliper.. But they dont..

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  4. well im lookin at 19x8.5 but i want a big dish in the bck, and a little smaller up front. if i go say 45 in the back and 34 up front. would my wheels be eve, or would the 34 stick out wider than the back? im lookin for that like BMW wheel look u know. the euro dish.

  5. Yes, I saw an M3 yesterday that had that look, it looked really sweet!!

    Visually, you wont be able to tell much once past lets say 30MM.. It will be tough to notice it.. I would say you will be just fine with those choices..
  6. Also, if you look at my pic, you can see that if I had done what I really wanted, and got the Deep Dish Mach1 SVT for the back, which is only made with a 26MM offset, I would hit the brake caliper in the back..

    The Mach1 SVT's in deep dish 17" are only made in 26MM offset.. Made for 2004 and older cars..

    im sort of looking at these, i know most of yall wouldnt approve but im prolly gunna make it a tuner look, but not will have the flowmasters and all, but the muscle look just doesnt do it for me, although the sound does. do u think these would look good as a 20 on the car? or should i go with an 18 with a little thicker tire? remember i am into cars and have an idea of how it could look, so it WILL be dropped as money comes. im lookin at a CF hood and black drag spoiler, so ir wouldnt be the only black on the car, it would be tied in with stuff. and the polished star would go with the emblems and all.
  8. Its hard to tell... Its a damn fine looking wheel, but I would need to see it in its element before I could make an opinion about its look.. Element being on your car with everything else in place..
  9. Better keep it to something which is made for our cars.. That could get allitle ricey.. It looks like it would be ok, with fat 19 or 20" wheels, but there is a risk associated with it inherently..
  10. The hood looks fine. Wheels would probably look good on a black car. The wing is 2F2F. :nonono:
  11. well i figured on the wing its not some low quality alluminum bullish stickin 4 feet up. its only a 4 inch tall spoiler, 6 at max. so it relly low profile. i dont think the GTR wing would look right, maybe if i painted the cross bar black and the stacks red it would though.

  12. Put it this way.. It cant look rice, because the GTR Mustang already exist, and this one is less aggressive.. So, I say if thats the one you want, go for it.. The car is black along with the wheels you have chosen, so it should look pretty intense.. You just gotta make sure you eventually put a Zex kit on the car so it wont just be barking, but capable of biting the $%*& out of someone who will test you at some point.. Be it a vette or a GT, or maybe even some ricers.. LOL!
  13. is red, not black. and im not goin for speed as i have 100 pounds of audio in the trunk.
  14. Just look at the car it's sitting on, that should tell you everything. If that's the look you're going for then that's the wing for you. It's just not for me.

  15. I would personally go for this...

    But thats just me...
  16. i was actually talking to a buddy and he mentioned that, but if i did that it would be sprayed black , so there are accents against the red, no just the wheels.