bolt pattern/backspacing

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  1. in all honesty, the only thing about that car i like is the chin spoiler and the hood. the C stripes look vinyl, and believe they are. i cant be seen with vinyl on my car, and not my house. im not bashing the car, i like the scheme but i would have thrown the money to paint everything. which he may be doing in the future. thats just not the look im going for. as i said the muscle "look" away from stock does not get my attention to well. nice car none the less.
  2. I understand.. Well, at some point we must all seperate ourselves from the crowd.. I'm quite sure you would never allow your car to appear rice.. So I trust your judgement.. I say do as you intended to do, with all the things you desire.. There is no way on earth it could look rice..

    Just Do it! They will come to cheer you in the colossium.. A gladiator must make his own choices.. Live by his own destiny .. If your meant to be viewed as a ricer, there is nothing that can change it.. To the arena gladiator, the people of Rome await your arrival!

    Let the games begin! :D
  3. haha i am not letting my car go ricey...if a wing appears to look rice on it, i shall take thei off and sell! haha. its all a game of judgement when styling a car. and ihave fair to well judgement on the look i wnat : ) as u say...

  4. Personally, the term "Rice" is not a term I would use when judging Mustangs, but somehow thats the yard stick which has been placed at this website.. Personally, I would ban the term if I could.. But I cant.. I think the wing will look fine, with the wheels against the red.. Some may feel differently.. All we can do is post a pic when its done, and hope people throw flowers at us.. If not, I guess they will throw rice.. LOL!

    As long as your happy, since your making the payments, is how I view it.. :nice:

  5. it was a graduatioin gift for keeping honor roll all through school from 5th grade to 12th grade and graduate honor roll. i know im lucky, and i dont try to come off "cocky" as some say kids like me always are. i jst love cars and do what i can! if i do thro 20's instead of 18's what kind of drop will i need to make it look nice.

  6. Good Job on the Honor roll!! :nice:

    With 20's, I dont think you will have to drop it much at all... I'm quite sure its going to look really good man.. Just do what you think is best.. Just make us proud! LOL! :D

  7. after looking around and comparing prices and tire prices and brake wear and such, i believe i will be going with 18's. yes i know, with the tech. in the new mustangs brakes wouldnt be the first issue, but it IS one of them. im going to say my limit is 1100 for just the wheels. im looking at 18x as thick as i can haha.