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  1. id love to give a hand on that but all mine is missing
  2. Totally Stainless has the studs that the Dorman #23744 have (I have a couple sets of these if anyone is interested).

    For my 1993 5.0 w/ accessories, I ordered two part numbers from Totally Stainless:

    6-0897 (Engine Kit) & 6-9029 (Stud Bolt Kit for 302 SBF EFI Water Pump)

    This comes with:

    Intake Kit (6-0585)
    Valve Cover Kit (6-0504)
    Stud Bolt Kit (6-9029) & Water Pump Kit (6-0592)
    Timing Chain Housing Kit (6-0844)
    Thermostat Bolts (6-0588)
    Distributor Hold Down Bolt (6-0532)
    Oil Pan Bolt Kit (6-0522)

    The Water Pump Kit (6-592) worked perfectly, studs and all. It actually had a long bolt and two shorter ones left over and I run full accessories (A/C and P/S). They fit great and look even better. Total cost was $83.35 and it took about 3 weeks to get to my door, which is normal for them.

    Here are some other part numbers that have worked on my 1993 5.0L:

    ARP-154-1001 - ARP Camshaft Bolt
    ARP-450-1702 - ARP Distributor Stud Kit
    ARP-150-2501 - ARP Harmonic Balancer Bolt
    ARP-154-4001 - ARP Head Studs for AFR 185's (need bolt spacers)
    ARP-154-3601 - ARP Head Bolts for AFR 165's (or similar)
    ARP-400-1414 - ARP Header Studs (stainless @ 3/8-16)
    ARP-400-1110 - ARP Header Bolts (3/8-16 x 1")
    ARP-400-7606 - ARP Valve Cover Studs
    ARP-100-2801 - ARP Flywheel Bolts
    ARP-200-2802 - ARP Flywheel Bolts (slightly stronger strength)
    ARP-450-3501 - ARP Starter Bolt Kit
    ARP-100-9904 - ARP Thread Sealer
    STG-8953 - Stage 8 Locking Header Bolts (3/8-16 x 1")
    23744 - Dorman Motormite (Water Pump Stud Kit)
    FMS-M-6397-A302 - Ford Pressure Plate Bolts
    397-M-6397-A302 - Ford Pressure Plate Bolts and Flywheel Dowel Pin Set

    Also, a few months ago ( came out with a full and accurate timing cover and water pump stud/bolt kit for $80.

    I have a ton of other random part numbers, but not bolt specific.

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  3. Throttle body studs:

    5/16-18 thread and 4.125 inches long
  4. ********What are some of the various BOLTS, NUTS AND STUDS on the Stang that you would recommend replacing with STAINLESS?

    I'm going to be putting back a lot of fasteners and would just as well do it now.

    whoda thunk it! Good Thread...
  5. my throttle body studs were replaced with stainless bolts. intake. headers, water pump, thermostat housing, timing cover, timing pointer oil pan and valve covers

    pretty much all of them
  6. Actually, 5spd GT did a very good job of what you are asking about. I would follow his plan, since he seems to have covered most of the bases.
  7. Thanks for the input on this question.

    I never really thought about changing out these fasteners to stainless. I did notice that the old ones were a bit pitted, not too bad as my car has been garage kept with 45K., but I plan to keep it outdoors a lot more in the future.

    I'm going to check out 5spgt's thread to see what will work for me. I''ll report back with what I end up replacing out and from where...
  8. Battery hold down bolt
    6mm x 1.0 x 55mm

  9. thank you sir! added
  10. I know its been a while since anyone has posted but I just put on a new water pump pulley yesterday and the thread dimensions are 5/16-24 3/4". Make sure to get 4 lock washers as well. I found this info by typing in water pump pulley bolts on summit and they came up with a universal kit from ARP. I winged it and they checked out.
  11. I think this was a great idea but it seems to have lost interest, so I'm bumping it to the top. Surely someone out there has a great spreadsheet for Mustang bolt sizes.
  12. Actually I did find these on Corral. Some may be duplicates

    Oil pan- 1/4" -20 x 1" and 5/16" -18 x 1"
    Oil pump- 3/8" -16 x 1"
    Oil pick up tube 5/16" -18 x .75"
    Main bearing caps 7/16" -14
    Rod caps depend on the bolts you get
    Cam bolt 3/8" -16 x 1.25" - 1.5"
    Cam thrust plate 1/4" -20 x .75"
    Timing cover/water pump 5/16" -18
    Accessory drive is mostly 7/16" -14
    Mechanical fuel pump 3/8" -16 x 1"
    Water pump pulley 5/16" -24 x 1" - 1.25"
    Crank pulley 3/8" -16 x 1" - 2"
    Harmonic balancer ?" -??
    Heads 7/16" -14
    Pedestal rockers 5/16" -18 x 2"
    Rocker studs 7/16"-14 in the head (stud length/top threads depends on setup)
    Headers 3/8" -16 x .75" - 1"
    Valve covers 1/4" -20 x .75" (depends on VC setup)
    Intake 5/16" -18 x 2"
    Tstat housing 5/16" -18 x 1" and 1.25"
    Carb studs- 5/16" -18 to 5/16" -24 on top (length depends on spacer- stock is probably 2.25")
    EFI upper intake 5/16" -18 (depends on intake)
    EFI TB/EGR spacer 5/16" -18 (stock is probably around 3.5" in length)
    EFI fuel rail 1/4" -20 x .75"
    Dizzy hold down 5/16" -18 x .75" - 1" (depending on hold down)
    EGR studs lower 5/16" -18 and top 3/8" -16 both 1" long
    Flywheel/flex plate 7/16" -20 x .75" or 1" (manual uses 1")
    Pressure plate ??
    Bell housing to engine 7/16" -14 x 2"
    Starter 3/8" -16 x 1.25" and 2"
    Motor mount to engine 7/16" -14 x .75"
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  13. If possible this should be edited. The intake manifold bolts are 2 inches long and not 2.5
    I know it is brought up later in the thread but someone else in the future might stop at this one since its the first post. (like I did) :mad:
  14. Is still being updated?
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  15. Rear Shock 12mm x 1.75 x 70mm or you can use a 1/2" x 1.50" long bolt.

    Quad shock axle housing mounting bolts(12mm x 1.75 x 70mm)

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  16. updated!
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  17. Front strut/spindle
    M16x2.0, 60mm length

    Front seat bolts
    M10x1.5, 35mm length
  18. Flywheel Bolts

    • Thread Size: 7/16-20 in - Right Hand
    • UndeRight Handead Length: 1.000 in
    • Head Style: 12-point

    Grade 8 or better

    @srtthis This could use some update and lipstick. You up for it?
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  20. Bolts for gas tank straps to J nuts.

    M10 x 1.5 x 35mm long. Class 9.8

    These thread into J nuts, and the pass side has extra space to run a longer bolt to help pull up the straps. Drivers side you are limited to 35-40mm of lenght before hitting spare tire well.
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