Boom , And I Blow My Pipe , Help ?

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  1. hey hey guys, guess what , I think I nearly killed my car.

    driving around about 120km/h getting out of an exist , and I smelled coolant , luckly a gas station near by is where I stopped about 45sec after I start smelling it,

    opened the hood , to see the engine bay filled with water , ( again , I think I am lucky , nothing on the alternator nor on the fuse box and other (water hater parts)

    anyway , I found a photo online for the part where I am leaking , (as I forget to get my own photo , and I am toooo lazy to get my *** off the couch . )

    so here is the photo


    please ignore the black lining , and look at the BIG BLUE ONE

    inside the hose there is a plastic pipe , attached to the engine , this plastic pipe is the broken part.

    can someone help me find the name/number of that part , also , can I just get my self a longer hose and tie it well ... ?

    thanks amigos :D
  2. I believe the pipe that hose is connected to is actually molded into the intake. Im thinking your going to have to replace the intake. Hope I'm wrong but I changed my intake a short time back and I pretty sure that is the case. Good luck
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  3. well thank you so much , as you said , look like it's time for new one , I did some readings about them intake manifolds online , and look like I am going with the metal ones for example the "Professional Products Satin Typhoon Intake Manifold " from A.M , for 540$
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  4. I hear mixed reviews about the typhoon intakes. Some people claim they hinder performance due to heat soak and are prone to leaking coolant. Others have said nothing but good about them. I replaced mine with a stock PI intake and it practically put itself together. Also about half the price of the typhoon. If you got the bucks to throw around, my vote goes to the trickflow street fire intake but they are remarkably expensive. Something about those typhoons make me nervous, though I don't know why.
  5. pi as in Performance Improvement ? right ?

    I found one on A.M for 240$.... says I will need gasket and so ..

    from your experience , I have a 2003 mustang GT. what will I need to get, if you have links that would be great,.

    as for the money .. to be honest I don't have it, I have about 300$ in my account , and I am borrowing the extra 200$.

    so , PI would be good for my wallet if it will fit without any problems :D
  6. That's the correct intake. Perfromance Improved from Ford Racing is the intake. If your gaskets aren't damaged in the process of removal, you can re use them. I replaced all the gaskets when I did mine but my car is over 100xxx miles. I thought it was a good idea. The only gasket I absolutely had to replace was the EGR gasket. Its dirt cheap even from a dealer.

    I didn't have a write up but if you are at all mechanically inclined, it is a simple process. Remove the alternator. Take everything off the top of the intake. Mark your vacuums and electrical connection with masking tape and a sharpie. Replace intake. Bolt everything back on. Be sure to inspect the coolant line running thru the engine valley while your in there. If it looks a little worse for wear, replace it while your in there. Mine was still in great shape though. It may be a little intimidating at first look, but it really isn't that bad. I think I used 1/4" drive ratchet set to do almost the whole thing.
  7. While you have the intake off change the spark-plugs, and don't forget there is a torque sequence for the intake bolts. That part goes to and from the heater core.
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  8. ok, I am done ordering the parts, waiting for them to arrive, soooo... I think its time for my vacations, I am going to Malaysia for few days, hope it's here by then . :D

    one more thing, I am right now googleing the torque sequence , but can't find any yet..... god how bad I am in these things :p
  9. I guess I'm just cheap. I'd probably just epoxy the plastic tube back into place over a piece of copper pipe to strengthen the area and call it a day. :shrug:
  10. Haynes, Chilton, and or
  11. I bought a Haynes manual from the local parts store a long time ago. It is really handy for all torque specs and sequences.
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  12. LOL, I acually did that once with JB weld on my old 96' when it was still NPI until the new intake was shipped. I acually got lazy and it stayed glued together and not leaking for about 2 months when I changed out the intake.
  13. I've seen JB Weld hold up for years. That stuff truly is magic.