Booo, got a warper intake manifold!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Pootiestang, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Booo, got a warped intake manifold!

    Hey guys, basically i just got my car back after what turned out to be a toasted heater core (thanks to all that helped) and Ford noticed that my intake manifold is warped. Its not a imidiate fix, but there is a leak and the guy said that i could drive the car as is for a while but i gotta keep an eye on it. He claimed that to be the reason for my thermostat leak, and then its seaping out (barely) on the passenger side.
    Basically to fix it would be like 700 total. But i just paid 500 plus for a new heater core, and well im broke for a bit. So im just wondering if this is a good time to upgrade the intake and what are some good options. Thanks also if anyone knows where to find cheap used intakes ill be in the market for one. As far as i know all i need is the manifold and a gasket or two right? Thanks
  2. had new ones or maybe pulls for around $100 a while back.

  3. I'd do it yourself. There are some headswap walkthroughs on the internet. Also, I posted "want to buy" threads in the classifieds here, on Corral, and on and got a newer style with an aluminum crossover tube for $145 delivered. I am in the middle of doing a headswap and believe me, just changing out the intake wouldn't be that bad. I think all that you would need be be an intake plenum to manifold gasket, and two intake to head gaskets.