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  1. Ok, take off the GT-R name plate, and make sure that the wing is functional... if it is... then it's ok in my book.
    Swede's changes:
    GT-R away with thee!!!
    Shrink wing height by about 6"- or instead add duck-tail spoiler
    Lose the cross bar on headlights
    2 Hella driving lights in lower valence ala the 'E' car
    Lose the freaking gills on the fender!!
    Unless usefull, lose the vents behind each wheel housing
    Make mine Red please :nice:

    Oh yeah- 6 speed if u please

    The Swede
  2. it said it came with a T56 in the writeup... which is a six speed, pretty much the six speed as far as domestics go.
  3. Nuh uh
  4. I like this one:


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  5. come on, what are we doing here? making the new stang a rice burner???? drop the carbon fiber hood and wing PLEASE, gosh, next you know they'll be putting fart pipes on the 6 bangers from the factory.
  6. i just noticed, it said that car in the link was built by saleen???? what is he smoking these days???
  7. He is trying to make money of the ricer crowd, but hey if it hauls... and he gave me one I might drive it.
  8. Oh for cryin' out loud, y'all are ricer brainwashed. :rolleyes:

    Everything on that car is functional. It is a race car.
    Do you know where ricers got the idea of giant wings and carbon fiber? Race cars.
    If this stuff was on a Hyundai, it would be a ricer, but since its on a 450+ HP RACE CAR, there is nothing ricer about it.

  9. Ricer by birth ?

    :D :rlaugh: :p :rlaugh: :D :p
  10. You aren't helping my case here gp. :chair: ;)
  11. 500hp on tap, and your calling that rice??? how is the wing different than the cobra r? remember it also had a wing on it, and it also was designed to go racing. sorry no rice here, even if it is being built at the flat rock plant in MICHIGAN, by ford, which OWNS mazda by the way.
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  13. Hey, quit yer ****in..

    I saw the real McCoy last night in New York. What an awesome car. Different paint than that pic, all bright orange. Killer cammer motor, full road race suspension, gutted interior, ready to race, just wild! J Mays drove it in with Kid Rock! I'll put up a pic tonight.
  14. Ya, a car with 440hp from a 5.0L DOHC V8 is rice. :nonono: Top fuel dragsters must be rice too with the wing they are sportin, cause it's not like they need it with only 8000hp. :rolleyes: :p

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