1. Man, it's really slow in here! I know there are less people that use the 2.3 thread and all, but yall should like, liven up a little! C'mon, say something interesting.
  2. Look, you have a 4.6, GO BE WITH YOUR OWN KIND! :mad: j/k Don't hit me or anything next time I see you. :hail2:
  3. Ah.
    ...and I direct you to this thread.

    :stupid: Ooops wrong one! I mean... :cool:
  4. We don't take kindly to slow cars.
  5. Um... this is the 2.3 thread :p
  6. I would like to have a word with you.
  7. Oh gosh, I'm just jokin' around :nice:
  8. No one can tell when i'm joking either :(

    I have a weird sense of humor :shrug:
  9. Okay let me rephrase that.
    I don't take kindly to girls with slow cars unless they live in Canada and wear
    hippo eared touques.
  10. :nonono:
  11. :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:
  12. yeah the 2.3 motor owns, it's going to be my fast car and my 4.6 is going to be the fun cruiser. I was converted :nice:
  13. um... how does that work? What did you do to the 2.3?
  14. I ahvent gotten it yet, It's going to be my project car. some of these guys are hitting 300rwhp for the cost of a 4.6's yearly insurance. The 2.3t is amazing and was so ahead of it's time.
    Personally I am going to build a 2.3t Turbo. a company sells a kit to hook up the engine to the bettle's drive train. 300rwhp in a 1900lb car!

    what they do is rebuild the engine and a bigger turbo.
  15. It's called 20psi of boost.