Boost Brothers, Ssautochrome, Xspower, Long Tube Headers For The 4.6 3v Stay Away!!!


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Mar 1, 2014
First of all, im sure i will get a bunch of "I told you so" and "you get what you pay for" responses, so be it. But if this post saves someone the headache i went through, its worth the ribbing.

For what its worth i did search for install reviews, some people had issues but it was over 8 years ago, and there were supposedly lots of revisions to the fitment of these headers to fix all of those issues.....WRONG!!!!

So I ordered a set of these Boost Brothers Long tube headers with h-pipe directly from SSautochrome for $320 shipped. Sounds like a great deal right? and it would have been if they had actually fit!

The product itself looked acceptable, decent welds and good looking construction. The hardware and gaskets were cheap looking, but i wasnt going to be using them anyways. I should have been wary about the packaging. The box had already been opened and had tape all over it, the packing material was some weird random pieces of blue foam and paper. Now it seems obvious i got someone elses return, probably for the same reasons im about to list below.

Now onto the install, the passenger side header one of the primaries was about an inch too low and made it impossible to install the bracket for the motor mount, the side that bolts to the engine. You would either have to dent in the pipe about an inch(obviously cant do that) or grind about an inches worth of material from the bracket (obviously another bad idea because the area it touched was barely over an inch)
The drivers side header had similar issues with the steering linkage. The pipe would need to be massively caved in to clear it. I'm talking probably at least a 3/4" indent, not just a small dent like some headers might need. It was also hitting the frame rail on that side.

Overall the fitment was horrible and uninstallable. Now it gets even better. I tried for 3 days to contact ssautochrome by phone and email while my car was down with no response. They never responded to any of my calls or emails....I know, surprise surprise...

I ended up filing a claim with paypal to return the item, i let them know in the notes the reason for the return. They denied my claim refusing to take their piece of :poo: defective product back! They lied and said that the headers fit fine and they are not taking them back. So now i have to battle it out with them. I then had to file a dispute with paypal and escalate it so paypal would review it themselves since the seller wasnt budging. After 2 weeks of going back and forth paypal decided in my favor, but i had to ship the headers back on my dime. Luckily i get a discount shipping things from my work. All and all i had to fight and ship them back, but after about 3 weeks i got my money back.

Here are the sites so you know not to order from them

Ford Performance Racing Products for International Sales from SSAutochrome Inc.

On a side note, since the stock headers were already off i wasnt going to put them back on. I ordered some JBA ceramic coated headers and h-pipe. Yes i know, i should have done this in the begining.

The fit and finish was amazing!! They bolted right in and didnt hit anything!! I didnt have to dent, bang, or grind away my car!! Amazing concept right!!

So huge kudos to JBA for making a great affordable product, and Boost Brothers + SSautochrome you guys SUCK!!!
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