Boost Brothers Turbo Kits

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  1. I have heard that there is a bit of modification needed to make the boost brothers kit work. You need to relocate or remove the abs box, clutch cable gets in the way of header and needs to be moved, you can kiss your a/c goodbye, you have to cut up your core support to get an air filter on the turbo, you may or may not need to lengthen crossover pipe, the oil suply and return lines and fittings that come with the kit need to be replaced with better parts. As far as the turbo, its a no name Korean turbo (iirc), but could easily be replaced with a good master power turbo and still cost less than the competitors kit.

    I was considering buying one of these kits or buying a used supercharger kit. I talked to someone with the bb kit and says it works well but definitely needs some work to be installed properly. He said that it is a good buy if you get it off ebay for less than 1500. needles to say i have a used supercharger kit.:shrug:

    If you are dead set on the turbo kit I would look past the bb kit and get the b&g kit. I have heard nothing but good about them.
  2. thanks! that's the kind of response i was looking for!
  3. no problem:nice:

    did that sway your decision one way or the other?
  4. It's the 21st century and we can put people in space, but they can't figure out how to build a turbo kit and keep the A/C at the same time?
  5. Even the high end Pro Turbo kits are down to like $4500 now. I don't see the point in going with a cheap turbo kit. I think they use a cheapy turbo on the BB kit made in some third world country. I'm a little leary about saving money on things that are upstream from the engine.

  6. Agreed. Go for B&G.
  7. Tryin to single turbo my 67 coupe.Built 302 w windsor heads.Does anyone know of a kit for sale or who might custome build one.Already have blow through carb.Thanks
  8. No, he is better off here. Classic Mustangs don't get turbos, they go to car shows and get fat.

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