Boost capacity

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 93cobra12, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. I've heard its pretty dangerious to run more then 12 lb of boost with a 8.8 compressed motor? is this true? My combo which will be taking that 12lb of boost is :

    331 / sportsman block /main girlde
    srs light weight pistons set for 8.8 compression
    185 AFR heads
    v2-sq trim w/ power pipe ( stock pulley )

    I really want to put more boost into her, do you guys think its safe too? what would be the most boost i should put into this motor?

  2. i wouldnt really know, but i think milage on the motor is a big part of it. you should post that info too :)
  3. its a baby, just assembled... has a little over i'd say 600 miles.. Anybody?
  4. 12lbs should be fine

    As long as you have forged pistons and enough fuel you should be just fine @ 8.8:1 w/12lbs of boost.
  5. Just make sure you have enough gas and tune it good. The new 911's run 9.4:1 with twin turbos...
  6. You can run a lot more than 12psi with 8.8 to one. You can run 12 psi with 9 to 1 without problems. As mentioned before, make sure you got enough fuel for it and don't run too much timing, and you'll be fine. My new combo is 14psi with 9.7 to one.
  7. Your fine. You dont NEED forged pistons, but its a good investment. You could run plenty of boost on your motor the way it is. Intercool it, and you could run even more
  8. plus you have a sportsman block, i would think no problems....
  9. I don't know what a block has to do with burning holes through pistons but... ok? :shrug: