Bored and Pic Wh0ring *Pics*

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  1. weather slowly getting better - went for a drive and took some shots with camera phone (notice the ny skyline)

    3rd one down is my favorite out of the few
    comments, opinions, criticism, abuse?






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  2. Nice vert you got there. Those are decent pics for a camera phone what kind of phone is it. I have a Nokia 3220 (I think) and the pics from mine don't look that good.
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    2 MegaPixel with Autofocus, 1 Gig storage, mp3s, videos, fm radio, games, themes - the whole shaaaabang, its imported from overseas but works on gsm networks (for ex. tmobile) - sony has a newer 3.2 cybershot camera phone coming out summer I believe, called k790 (Read Here - )

    blows my old nextel out of the water
  4. I would do springs and tint, but it looks good otherwise :nice:
  5. you whore.. looks good
  6. It always looks very good! Don't sell it for a cobra...
  7. You need to shoot your car without trees and poles sticking out of it.

    Find an area similar to the one you shot the car in, and find the angle where nothing but sky is above your car.

    This honkin' tree ruins the shot.


    You car looks great, but shoot with a little more light, and leave the exposure open longer to get more light in there.

    You should have an OEV option on the camera, but you will need a tripod in order for the image to be clear as the shutter will be open longer.:nice:

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  8. i know im gonna borrow my brothers 4mp digital camera sometime soon but these shots were just using my cell phone
  9. i think ur vert looks sweet and im not normally a big fan of them
  10. would look better turbo'd :D :D :D
  11. Damn I really miss NEW YORK!!...where r u there? westside highway?
  12. cool i used to go to some clubs down here...mainly salsa clubs...see i used to be able to take pics next to the the G.W. bridge, and all i have here in phoenix is frickin sand and houses that all look the same...ohh least i could drive it all year has been 75 here everyday since november...aside from a couple 55 or 60 degree days..every1 here thinks its cold then..while im driving around with the top down and heat on:D
  13. Car looks really good. I agree with the above - maybe some very light tint and a small drop. It is real easy to "overdue" a vert especially when it is red. If you drop it too low then it will just appear to be screaming for too much attention (same w/ the windows). I am a big fan of the black top, cobra insert, and cobra wheels. The wing, I am still undecided about.