Borgeson stearing question

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  1. I am planning on a Borgeson power stearing box in my 69 Sheby replica,the problem is i dont want to use the GM pump that comes with the kit. now 71-73 mustangs have a similar box and they use the ford pump,wouldn't that pump work with the borgeson box?
  2. You can get the kit that doesn't have the saginaw pump, that's what I did on my '67. I used the original Ford/bendix pump. That was a mistake, at low rpm its not easy to turn.

    In short, yes you can use a ford pump with the borgeson pump, however I recommend using the saginaw pump. Its a MUCH better pump than the stock ford pumps. They are still using a version of that pump today in many modern vehicles.
  3. Depends a lot on what RPM your engine is going to idle at. According to Borgeson (and others who have installed) the loss of steering ease starts below 800 RPM (my engine doesn't like to idle at less than 790) and doesn't get to be real bad till you drop below 675-700. On mine, I spaced the P/S pump out to use the larger diameter groove on a three groove pulley, so I am assured of a good pump speed! Also, many/most of the later model pumps (with flat serpentine belt pulleys) keep up a better pressure at lower speeds and IIRC, they will bolt onto an early bracket and have the same shaft size as the v-belt pulley. Also it keeps that "G"eneral "M"ess of "C"rap stuff off my FORD. I'm not often "snobby" about brand names, as I own several brands, but I AM SORRY, Chebbie Parts belong on a Chebbie, Dodge parts on a Dodge, etc!
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  4. I have a Fox era Serp. driven pump on mine and am very happy with its feel and never see a drop in pressure. This may not be an option for you though unless the pulley could be swapped out.
  5. i am with Gene, i cant stand the thought of a GM part under my hood,just don't belong there. with the comp cam 292 solid lifter cam it idles around 800. it seems to me that the 71 up pump had a larger pully on the ford pump .i will be running v belts.
    tring to keep every thing kind of traditional looking. even my 78 f150 has the power in the box and running a ford pump so i would think the borgeson would not be that much different.
  6. dont be snobs about using GM parts in your ford. the saginaw pump is one of the best on the market today for the street. and remember that GM racesr use ford parts in their race cars( nearly everyone uses the ford 9 inch rear end). and while i agree for the most part that a ford should be in a ford, and a chevy in a chevy, to me that only pertains to engines.
  7. snobs? why thems fighten words:lol:
  8. If your going for a stock look, you might give the Ford pump a try first. I have the Borgeson box with the stock Ford PS pump. At idle in drive, my RPMs are around 600. The increased effort is barely noticable. It is nothing like a non-PS car. If it's not to your liking, you can easily add the 'other' pump at a future point.
  9. i am going to try the ford pump i don't mind a little stiff turning at low speeds.
    i have a 99 Trans AM and at idle the stearing is stiff but loosens up at speed.thats right you heard me i have a GM. if someone didn't own them the wrecking yards would be full of them :hide:
  10. I believe the Borgeson SAG pump for mustangs is a reduced pressure pump. When I did my steering rebuild I went with the SAG pump so my CVS pulleys and brackets would fit.
    The FORD steering requires a lower pressure hence the pump, you can also buy a reducer kit for SAG pumps as well.