Borla Axle Back With Factory Resonator


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Nov 4, 2006
I own a 2017 gt mustang with flowmasters and resonator delete. It sounds really nice. A little loud inside but I love it.

I recently picked up a used 2015 gt for my girlfriend. I decided to go with a different exhaust. Btw I have always used flow masters on my previous cars. Just wanted something different. I installed borla atak axle back but kept the factory resonator. The exhaust is really quiet. It's better than factory and I knew it would not sound like flowmasters, but it seems too quiet.. How much of a difference in sound would removing the resonator create? The borla sounds nothing like any of the you tube videos I have watched. I plan on putting on an h pipe.

The reason why I kept the resonator on was to see how it would sound with just the axle back. From my understanding a resonator cuts down drown and rasp noises. I'm just curious and always looking to learn as much as I can. Any help would be grateful. Thank you.
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Dec 4, 2017
Portland, ME
Hey man, I am not that good at muffler questions, yet I was about to buy a Borla. And my decision was based on those youtube videos and sound clips. Which you say do not sound the right way... So if I want to louder and more throaty than what I've got from teh stock, yet I do not want it to be too loud, I'd better go with the Flowmaster and just keep the resonator, right? Based on what you are saying, that would be better than Borla plus OE resonator combination.... Sorry for posting in your thread with another question, not with help...