Borla Axle Back With Factory Resonator

Discussion in '2015+ (S550) Mustang -General/Talk' started by nwagtmustang, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. I own a 2017 gt mustang with flowmasters and resonator delete. It sounds really nice. A little loud inside but I love it.

    I recently picked up a used 2015 gt for my girlfriend. I decided to go with a different exhaust. Btw I have always used flow masters on my previous cars. Just wanted something different. I installed borla atak axle back but kept the factory resonator. The exhaust is really quiet. It's better than factory and I knew it would not sound like flowmasters, but it seems too quiet.. How much of a difference in sound would removing the resonator create? The borla sounds nothing like any of the you tube videos I have watched. I plan on putting on an h pipe.

    The reason why I kept the resonator on was to see how it would sound with just the axle back. From my understanding a resonator cuts down drown and rasp noises. I'm just curious and always looking to learn as much as I can. Any help would be grateful. Thank you.