Borla Pro Xs...

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  1. I know right?
    A muffler thread?
    Let me guess, first question, how do they sound... lordy lordy...
    But, help me.

    Car = roudy little 306 solid roller jobbie.
    Exhaust = 1-5/8" long tubes, off road H full 2-1/2" exhaust incl. tailpipes, currently Flowmaster 2chmbr delta's.
    Car is mean as heck at idle, sounds ok (loud) under 4000rpm but above that is just sounds... well... bad. It's kinda just loud noise with a garbled up rhythm to it when the rev's climb.

    Want to quiet it down, and, just maybe make a itty bitty bit more power, but ideally want it to sound crisp and clean. Sure as poo not looking to make it sound like a big block Chev... which is kinda what the 2chmbrs make me think of at rpm... just garbled up noise.
    Do not want raspy, doesn't have to be deep, just crisp and clean.

    Thoughts on the Borla Pro XS for an angry little 306.
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  2. No experience with Borla Mufflers/Exhuast other than I like there sound :D
    But,as I usually do in muffler threads-i derail with another brand lol :nice:
    I’ve personally never owned any,but recently rode in a SN and really liked the mellow tone at idle/part throttle/normal driving.
    Wot they scream,with an aggressively deep tone. I know that really isn’t any help for your question, but here’s another option to consider lol
  3. How about Jones Full Boar?
  4. that helps.
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  5. When I replaced my Pypes violators with something a little more mellow I almost went with the Borlas but ended up getting Dynomax welded ultraflows.
    They definitely have a more refined sound than the violators and I can actually carry on a conversation in the car between 2-4k rpm.
    All the research I did at the time had the welded ultraflows and the pro xs on the mellower side, but still aggressive.
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  6. Well, pulled the trigger... roll of the dice... Never heard a set in real life, just going from folks comments on the internets that they are happy with them.
    Most video clips I found were of chevies (tree-fiddies) or 331/347/363's with hydro roller setups.
    Guess I'll find out what they sound like on a 306 with fairly rowdy solid roller.
    Time will tell.
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  7. Uh, so what brand muffler did you end up getting? I'm missing it if it's obvious.
  8. New spanish muffler? Ah que
  9. I guess that might be obvious but I'm not sure he didn't go with one of the other mufflers that were suggested in this thread. :shrug:
  10. Wow. A welded ultraflo is a monster. WTH is less mellow aside from a straight pipe?
  11. sorry... Borla XS Pro...
  12. Not sure if you've ever run/heard Pypes violators but the ultraflows have a less obnoxious tone.
    Like I said, I now can hold a conversation in my car between 2-4k rpm without yelling.
    There was a muffler thread on Corral that I used for reference, the 2 mufflers that were consistently mentioned as being more mellow were Borlas XS and welded Ultraflows... what do ya know they were right.
  13. I ran 3" ultraflows for a few years before coming to california and getting complaints from my neighbors. So, I installed an electric cutout and switched to superturbos. I'm still not happy. Going to try a set of stock Cobra mufflers and turn downs on mine to quiet it down. That electric cutout is F-ing cool! Makes me smile when I want to open the pipes up :D
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  14. Yeah those cut-outs must be fun!
  15. Do the electic cutouts have any exhaust leak to them like the vacuum actuating ones?

    Asking for a friend.
  16. As far as I can tell, no. But, I've only been using it for about 2 months.