Borla Stingers on 2001 Cobra -- Video --

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by motorCITY, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. Video Shows startup, couple revs, normal drive away and a drive by. I tryed WOT but as you'll see in the video run outta room pretty quick.


  2. that sounds wicked. Where did ya get them and what kinda scratch did ya put down if you do not mind me asking.
  3. it has that traditional borla bass noise to it! sounds awesome!
  4. Sounds awesome. I'm about to put a bassani offroad x with mine.
  5. Sounds good, if you like that kind of exhaust. I prefer a rawer, more pulsating sound. (flows, flowpaths, bassani street comp, etc)
  6. Sounds sweet. :nice:
  7. now thats how all exhaust vids should be done!!!

    Nice ride BTW!! sounds good!!
  8. So do the 4" tips on the stinger clear the '01 cobra's rear alright? Run into any problems installing it? And most importantly, can you say how much hp/torque you got from it?

    Thanks. I'm seriously considering the borla stinger for my '01 cobra.
  9. It will clear just fine .....

    Not only do I have 4" tips but a FULL 3" custom exhaust from into the mufflers and back.

    This image is "Skinny tires" days, I now have 315's but everything is still perfect.

    You'll notice I also went with BORLA!!!!! 3" in/out.

  10. PS .....

    That video was done VERY well. Very impressed ....

    Makes me want to do one. :)
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    BLuesXman - clears fine & with room to move. Really helps fill that space. I was planning to do the install myself, but ending up having it done w/my LTs & Xpipe. I've also never dyno'd so I can't really comment on the gains. By the stats/numbers from Borla, you'll get 'bout 20 HP/ 25 ft lbs Torque.

    DoubleONegative - thanks bro! One of my goals in life was to do a decent video of my exhaust. One of my research pet peeves was watching/listening to crappy clips. Hopefully this will give a decent overview for someone considering the Stingers and if it'll be a good fit for their car.

    Scott 96Cobra - those are some great pics of the Stinger cat-back. Excellent choice if I may say so! :)
  12. can you buy just the mufflers or do you have to get the entire cat-back.