Borrowing Welds and slicks...will they fit the Saleen?


the ahead of you horseman
I am borrowing two 15x10 draglites with Hoosier slicks.
My question is, the backspacing on these wheels are 5.5"
Every search I have done tells me it needs to be 6.5"

Will these still fit or will I need a spacer or what?
Thanks for any help.

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Aug 1, 2005
You're going to need studs, i don't know if you already know that.

Well if you have less of a backspace, the more the wheel and tire is going to stick out from the car.

For example I've seen a car with 15x8's with a 4.5" backspace and a 15x8 with a 5.5" backspace. The 5.5" backpace makes the wheel tucked in with the fender while the 4.5" backspace had a wider stance, sticking out from the car.


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Jul 18, 2005
Four Oaks NC
it is not an insurance thing.

without 3" studs you will only have 2-3 threads holding the wheel on

the weld rims have a thicker center section unlike your stock rims. this thicker center causes the wheel to be spaced farther out on the studs. thats why you dont run the welds on stock studs.
Sep 24, 2004
Saleen S281, London, UK
as far as i remeber, (been a while since i fitted my welds) I'm using the stock studs but the welds use real deep wheel nuts that got though the wheel to hold on to the thread of the stud way down.

like that, the shank goes though the hole in the wheel and holds on to the threads all the way down. A normal lug nut wont go though the wheel at all, it will just hold on to what threads protrude from the wheel...

i hope that makes sense.. its been a real long day.....
Sep 24, 2004
Saleen S281, London, UK
really !!!, thats quite concerning !!!

the weld drag lites have holes that are way wider than a stock stud, how do you over come this? The holes are the diameter of the outside of the shank to take up the gap. Are you saying you use a 3" stud AND the shanked nuts?