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  1. I'd say it's worth $1300-$1400. Anymore and you might as well get a Dart.

    I wish Ford had a $700-$800 302 block that could reliably handle about 750hp. That would sell like hot cakes.
  2. not sure if this was mentioned, but overhauling got ahold of the first ever publicly realeased boss block and put it in a 70 mach that they overhauled.
  3. That's awfully close to the cost (a couple hundred difference) of the proven Dart block.

  4. the R302 still costs more because it is not cast by ford but rather an outside contractor. the new boss block will be cast by ford.
  5. I've heard of people having problems with the Dart blocks cooling on the street. The Boss is dual purpose block for street or strip.
  6. Only if they had cooling system issues...
  7. Does anyone know for a fact how much power they can take yet? Has Ford given any Hp ratings yet?
  8. Siamese blocks arent meant for street use anyways. That boss blocks looks pretty good, needs splayed cap up front tho :). How many people have actually popped a freeze plug in a regular block? No doubt that the screw in freeze plugs add rigidity, just want to see whose actually broke them. How bout main caps?
  9. I think screw-in freeze plugs were/are probably a way to eliminate plugs popping out and causing a DNF since they are kinda difficult to stake or safety wire. That or the new "Boss" block just has them to add some nostalgia. It looks like Darts have press-ins. :shrug:
  10. They add rigidity to the block. Especially in FE's were theyre closely grouped together and the motor mount mounts right inbetween them. I have seen freeze plugs pop out in this situation.
  11. Is it that necessary to have splayed mains in the front and the back? Isn't that where the least amount of stress is on the mains? I've heard of freeze plugs popping with boost. I'd still like to know if anyone has heard a power rating for the Boss block.
  12. Found a website that said the new boss block is rated for up to 500 hp, i'm sure it could handle more. Link below. I think the price might be right for those people who are looking for a strong block and don't need 500+hp, and can't afford a dart block.
  13. No that rating is for the Shortblocks they are offering. They are rated to that but, there is still no news of how much just the block can handle.
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  15. That article says its better so I guess thats what I'll build my 331 or 347 with.
  16. I find its crazy that noone has mentioned these motors are totally different from a production 302 block. A little history about this thing, they were produced for trans am racing and use canted valve 351 cleveland style head, they dont even use the inline valve head most 302's do. Ford used this setup to make horsepower at high rpm as most people know that type head is way too big for most street motors, they were prone to having very little low end torque, but with todays technology im sure you could piece together a great combo thats fairly street friendly. Maybe a stroker motor with a low gear would help the lack of low end torque, or a turboed/ blown motor combo would be wicked with this block. Just kinda a random rave i went on here, I was just reading all the posts and noone seemed to say nething about how these motors are made, just wanted to clear it up a little before someone went and dropped 1700 bucks on a motor that didnt suite their needs.
  17. Not real sure on the Boss block I have not looked that much info up on them but look at the price does the block need the final hone on the cly. will it need decked? will it need line honed on the mains? will the cam bearing that come with the block work with a stock type Hyd. roller R- blocks dont. will the lifter bores need honed? I can tell you the R block needs lots of work. And the money climbs fast. As far as siamese bores not working on the street is Bull **** I run one on the street all the time in the summer Yes, it did run hotter with the too small electric fan but after I put the stock fan back on it, it had problems running hot enough yes I run a large Griffin rad. Just some thoughts.
  18. I dont know about the Boss Block not using production parts it sounds kind of pointless to me. Why would Ford make a block that no one could use the widerange of parts for? Still nobody has talked about the power ratings of the block.
  19. I suspect it does need a final size honing on the bores. A pro engine builder would want that anyway so they have room for bueprinting. The mains aren't as likely to need any custom fitting, so it probably doesn't need a line hone. The lifter bores I would guess are finished to stock ford size. The catalog says it uses common OD cam bearings and FRPP will offer a bunch of crate engines built around this block, so it probably can use normal cams. The Boss is only 16lbs lighter than an R302, but I doubt there is a reduction in strength due to the higher grade iron. They are also promoting it as being better than an R302. My assumption would be that it is at least as strong an R302, so ~1400hp +/-.

    These are all educated guesses on my part, so it remains yet to be seen how many I get right.