boss 302 block

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  1. They are not selling a whole engine, it's just the block. The block has no affect on where the engine will make power, that's all in the combo. What you said about the heads on the old school Boss's may be true, I have no idea, but that would just be because of the h/c/i combo they used on the engine, not the block itself.
  2. Ford is going to offer a Boss 331/347 stroker crate motor along with other Boss blocked crate engines sometime in 2007. This info was gleaned from, download 2007 engine catalog in .pdf format. I remember seeing on one of Ford's sites a new Boss 331 stroker crate motor for $10K.

    The R302 is rated @ 1500hp, the A4 is 1200hp, Dart Sportmen 1200hp, Dart IE 2000hp, World Man of war 2000hp. Ford made it as strong as the R302 but also better. I have a R304ci longrod engine and I drove that thing on the streets of LA and never had a cooling issue.
  3. Yes, I understand what your saying about the combo, but the block itself is setup for cleveland heads, and clevelands arent known for great low end power.

  4. i think you might be a little confused, this boss302 is a totally new block, and totally seprate from the boss302 motors of 69/70. they share some of the same features, yes, but the new block is based more on the r302 than anything else, and should actually be considered an r302v2. it will accept a production rotating assembly (if anyone actually wanted to do that), as well as stock late model heads, cams, intakes, accesories, etc, as well as all the aftermarket stuff.
  5. Even so, the production Boss 302 blocks can be used with normal Windsor heads with no issue. The difference was in the heads which had the right water passages and steam holes for a Windsor block.
  6. I'm getting one. They are said to be stronger then the r302 because they use the same metal as a diesel block because they are made in the same factory.