Boss 302 from NC

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  1. Just hollering hello here. Breaking in my Boss, long time Mustang lover, first time new-ride owner. Currently awaiting Roush axle backs to install over the holiday weekend. As far as other mods, waiting until results are out on handling before I try lowering springs but I may do a CAI when the old lady has recovered from the thunderous exhaust. :D
  2. :welcome: and another person forgot to put the :pics: with their ride :ban: Lets see them I enjoy looking at them, kind of wish i would of got one over the 5.0 but at the time I couldn't find a good article if they were going to put a back seat in or not because originally the plays were for the boss to be a two seater, race ready, it's amazing what a car company will do just to shave a few pounds....Still upset me car didn't come with a spare tire :shrug:
  3. Yeah, I was really close to buying a black 2011 GT just before my Boss came around--happened to be in the right place at the right time when one became available at MSRP. Pics enclosed.

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  4. Just want you to know that I hate you. :D

    Seriously though... Love the Boss. All I need is the tiny push to creek the wallet open and get the purchase done. lol
  5. Just do it! :nice: It took a while to win the old (gack, young) lady over, but she likes how happy I am when I come home dizzy from the RPMs...dream come true for me because I've wanted a Stang since high school (and that was a LONG time ago).
  6. nice color combo on that boss :nice:
  7. There's a Laguna Seca down the road a piece. Every day, I resist the urge to go look at because I know that I'll never be able to walk away.
  8. Sahweeeeet Boss :nice: Another long time "dreamer" LAVAgt2012...see dreams do come true!
    :lol: Found a dealer with a Boss only a few hundred over internet price (most 'round here are thousands over!) and hell, it's only a few more thousand than a GT Premium with options. Hmmmm.........
  9. Yeah that's about right because they're only priced $5K over the premium i got by MSRP, only difference is on the 5.0 i was able to get it for 4K below msrp, that BOSS you'd be lucky to get it at msrp still, but damn would a orange one look sharp in my driveway.....Unfortunatley my next purchase will be on a toyota tacoma and OFC probably a 4-6" body lift.....couple years down the road, but i need the big truck (mainly for the wife) parked next to the stangs....:shrug:
  10. Axle backs arrived today, just ran home to pick em up off my porch. Installing in the morning in a buddy's garage...gonna be burning loads of petrol tomorrow. Please, no rain for a day or two!
  11. Be cool to hear those axle backs on youtube!

    You need a big truck for the wife? I don't wanna make assumptions but I take it she ain't too small of a woman?:rlaugh:
  12. 5' 8", 118 lbs, you be the judge of that :shrug: