Boss 302 steering wheel swap

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by TJC, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. I did a search for the suede steering wheels that come stock with the Boss 302 and couldn't come up with anything helpful. So I'm posting my question here, hoping someone can give me some tips.

    My 2011 GT premium ( Brembro/3.73 rear gear) manual is bone stock..... for another week. I just ordered a Steeda CAI and tune and bought a Rousch alcantara steering wheel tonight. The PDF file for the steering wheel makes it look like an easy enough job, but the there's not much info about the stereo controls. I have the stock built in Nav stereo. The 2011 stock GT steering wheel just has the cruise control and Sync/phone/stereo buttons. Am I going to find a separate wire connection once I pull the unit apart? The sample car used in the build pictures is a base model 2010, not a GT. I'm just wondering what I'm going to encounter when I dig in and start.

    Will I loose any function for the Sync/stereo/phone buttons? Any tips on how to maintain those? I'm open and grateful for any tips on the installation. ( I know to leave the battery disconnected for a good half hour before I start).

  2. The build pictures of the base model 2010 Mustang should be the same as you build.
  3. Nice choice on the CAI! :) Thanks for choosing Steeda.
  4. So I got the wheel today. I bought it off ebay from Rousch racing, they had a 99.7% rating, so I felt like it was a safe bet. The wheel came this morning, and the button cluster on the left side is completely different than whats in the description and photos. I don't know if they changed the button cluster for the 12 or 13 design or what. But I have an email into them to clarify. I don't want a wheel that has non-operating buttons.

    On a good note, it's been fun to get all my performance gear in one day. My Steeda CAI and tuner also showed up today. All these goodies and no car to put them on! I'll pick up my car from the dealership tomorrow evening. I won't have time to do the tune or CAI, or even the wheel until Sunday most likely...