Boss 302 stripes on a 66 fastback? am I crazy? any one with some photoshop skills?

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  1. The car-

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    I dont really want to do Shelby stripes- I want to try something different-

    If I did that I would also do a wide single black stripe down the center of the hood-

    The hood scoop on the car is a 69 Mach 1 scoop-

    Am I crazy?

    If I do it should I do black, or just go a few shades lighter grey for something more subtle?

    how about ghost shelby stripes?

    Anyo other ideas? I am dropping my car off at paint for some touch up work today- and was thinking as long as it is over there......
  2. have you thought about california special stripes. They are fairly simple and would break up the car nicely. I was thinking about doing a red c/s stripe on my 65 but it looks so good black I am going to leave it for now. I thing a shade lighter grey/silver c/s stripe or even black would look sick on your fastback. The boss 302 stripes may be a little to busy.
  3. its kinda crude, but i hope you get the picture:

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  4. Thanks Dothang-

    I went ahead and told the body shop to go for it-

    Im doing it in a semi-gloss black- they are charging me $600 and if I dont like it, they will charge me $400 to change it back-

    I have never seen it done before on a 65/66 car, so this will be interesting- I really wanted to do something different with the car though-

    Thanks again-

    Ill post pics in two weeks when it is done-
  5. What matters is that you like the car, and how it looks.

    It should look good...
  6. Doesn't opentracker have Boss strips on his 65...
  7. Cool..thanks

    I did a search and he has 69 stripes which are a little different then the 70 stripes-

    but it still gives me a good idea..thanks-
  8. I'm considering 69 boss stripes on my 65 (clevor engine built on the 289 block). So fits the theme well. Can't seem to find opentracker's car in any pics by searching. Anyone got any pictures of 69 boss stripes on an early stang?