Boss 338 wheels?

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  1. They are similar to bullitt wheels, but have more detail in the spokes. Im thinking about picking up a set with my tax return. I think the black would look nicer on my sapphire blue, but the grey shows more detail and keeps them from looking so much like a set of bullits. What are yall's opinions?

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    And one of the car the day I bought her if anyone is bored is wants to photoshop for me.


    Thanks for any opinions guys.
  2. i like them. what size do they come in?
  3. I really like them, and I'm not a fan at all of the bullitt design. I like how the lip just continues all the way through the wheel without much of a step. I bet they are hard to mount tires on though because of that.
  4. 18X8, 18X9, 20X8.5, 20X9.5 I believe. They are on ebay if you want to take a quick look. I am looking at 18X8 up front and then the 18X9 in the rear. What are your opinions of the grey on my color car? I like my bright silver tri bars, and bright silver cobra r's that Ive seen, but Im not sure of the darker shade. They come in chrome, which I like, but its much more expensive.

    I suppose one could just do 18X9 all the way around, but I like the staggered look with a smaller lip up front.
  5. I looked those wheels over too. I like them alot, I say go with the gray for your car.
  6. agreed!
  7. +1 for the grey.

    Very nice find! Hadn't seen those before--familiar, but different than all the rest. Excellent choice
  8. Those look awesome Nick! gray would definetly look better than black on your car. i can photoshop the pic for you, but the one you provided will make it more difficult. if you email me a full size pic of you car (at an angle like your sig) i'll take care of it for ya! it would also help if the car pic is in the daytime. pictures of the wheels are in daylight and the end result would be that much better. ;)

    oh yeah, my email is [email protected]
  9. Sorry, I havent been on in a couple days. Im kind of at a stand still with the wheels. Im considering the 17" 10 anniversary cobra wheels with the deep dish rears. I really like them, and wonder if they will stay less popular being only a 17 inch diameter. I dont want something that everyone else has (saleen, fr500, cobra r), but kinda want to stick with the mustang wheel theme... Plus, with the 17's I can reuse my tires that have pretty low mileage on them. Also, future replacement 17" tires are much cheaper. Do you think I will regret only getting a 17" wheel?

    Thanks for the offer on the photo shop, but I actually dont have very many pics of the car at all. Maybe once she has new shoes I will be taking more pics!
  10. good choice! i've always liked those wheels. i think you will be happier with them than the boss wheels :nice: