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  1. Just decided to start a thread for all of the Boss guys to get together and :bs: a little about the team, the families, whatever you want. I think that we still need to defend Team Shinoda on the "Screwed by Team Shinoda" thread, but this will give us the chance to enjoy our team instead of just defending it. Just a thought.
    The Great Rob has spoken!:worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:
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  2. why is it called a Shinoda Boss?
    it doesn't have a Boss engine, nor is it a Boss vehicle.

    just a question, no flame intended.
  3. Actually, it does have a Boss engine in it... along with a Paxton blower. The Cragar car is the last car that Larry Shinoda personally built so it is indeed a true Boss. All of the other guys that own 1997 and newer Shinodas have parts on them that were produced specifically from Team Shinoda who is still owned by the Shinoda family so they too are indeed real Bosses. When you look at it, the Roushes have hardly no modifications to the engine unless you go with a Stage III, same with Saleen. They are all suspension and aerodynamics but are still legit Saleens and Roushes. Thanks for the question. I think that there might be some confusion with other people out there too. Gives me a chance to clear that up. Since the passing of Larry Shinoda the cars are no less quality nor are they any less than true Shinoda cars. Here in K town we have a guy (top pro Mustang driver in his class) Rob Hindman who is running in the high 10's out of a 1999 Cobra. He is in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords almost every issue and his brother Gene Hindman is even bigger. Rob is actually running the high 10's on the quarter with less than 400 horsepower! He does it all with his suspension! We have a fellow team member (Daves02Boss to all you Stangnetters) who's V6 Boss can blow away most 5.0's! Marsha's 1999 Cobra Shinoda proto has prototype parts and Jon Lesher's GT will have even more prototype parts than NASA that were build especially for his car. You don't get much more "specialty aftermarket" than that. To drive the car is to understand.
  4. Having met the late Larry Shinoda in the mid 90's, I can attest to his desire for a true handling car, along with his expertise in the design dept. He was a true enthusiast. I thankfully got his auto-graph that day, which he graciously gave for nothing.
    His heritage lives on.
  5. I would like to make a statment than can be backed buy Ford Motor Company In 1969 The Car now known as a Boss 302 was slated to be a SR2 Mustang like the T5 in Germany except the SR2 had a differnt Engine package but all an all it would have been the SR2. Mr Shinoda working for ford coined the name Boss in repect to his boss Bunkie Kudson who brought him over to ford from GM.

    To Make the Story short Boss 302 makes referance to the appearnce package on the car not the drive train and the name of the engine came from the car not the car getting its name from the engine if that were the case then the Cougar eliminator (powered by a boss 302 ) would have had a name like Boss 302 cougar but i do understand people's belief and that is fine

    But like others said the packageing we use on our program cars is no less that the performance found in a Boss 302 and in some cases we have more perfomance.
  6. that doesn't make any sense though. Why would the cougar be called the Boss 302 Cougar? The new Dodge Ram isn't called the Hemi Ram even though it uses a Hemi Engine.

    im not saying your story is bull, because it IS true, but just because the Cougar had the Boss 302 engine in it, doesn't mean it would be called The Boss 302 Cougar.
  7. Rob we have a new Family Member his name is William Campbell out of Colombus Ohio he has purchased the GEN 1-008 kit we are still growing
  8. Nice! Welcome to the team, William! I will be sure to check out your pics on Team Shinoda's website! :nice:
  9. So the car could have been named the Bunkie Shinoda? Shwew! Dodged a bullet on that one! ;)
  10. Ya I don't think Ford would've bought off on that one:jester:
    Anyways, Jon and William have been added to the site as certified cars. No pics yet of these two except Jon's from the recent show in Pensacola. We have a car of the month now too, check it out. Hopefully we'll get some better/more recent pics of the May 03' car of the month as a number of mods have recently been done (like the 99' Cobra front splitter)

    On a personal note....I took another 1st place with my car at a recent show in my area. :D Funny, more imports than domestic at this one and I still took it...:banana:
  11. That's great Dave! William and Jon, welcome to the team!
    Congratulations to you too, Dave! Best of show!!! Wahoo!

    :worship: :worship: :worship: BOSS SHINODAS RULE THE PLAYGROUND!!!:worship: :worship: :worship:

  12. Yes indeed. It is because the wing is not a real Shinoda wing. The real Shinoda is a true 15" whereas the knockoff is quite smaller. Also, the quality is poor in this one. I have actually seen the Ageclassic one and it is much less quality. Plus if you ever want to get your car badged as a Boss then the wing will have to be a true Shinoda. By all means, make the call yourself, it is your car and your $400.00 but if you go with the Shinoda you won't be disappointed.

    For Kim's Boss- :flag:
  13. to be honest. I would never have my car tagged as a Shinoda Boss. I think the "decal" stickers are far far far too ricey, and I could never justify the 2K for such a worthless kit. Although alot of their stuff I would consider purchasing individually, and if you put the two pics of the spoilers up next to eachother, you can see why the Shinoda wing is much pricier. I think my 400 bucks will be well spent.

    Thanks CragarShinoda
  14. Anytime, Nailz. Glad to help!
  15. This belongs to Lisa Wells, Vice President of our club. They recently added the Mach 1 wheels and chin spoiler and the 1999 black honeycomb decklid trim. I think a two-piece speedster cover is next.

    The hood is a Banshee Ram Air hood. They asked Tim (Lisa's husband) to show their product for a year, so they gave him the hood and hood scoop for free. They even painted it for him.


    EDIT: CragarShinoda, I saw you in Pigeon Forge a couple of weekends ago. I drive the True Blue 2001 GT Convertible. We were at Cooter's at the same time.

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  16. Bama GT,
    They were at the Pensacola show in March, nice car, I believe they took something home with them from that show (a plaque). Not sure what place they took though???

    Those two piece speedster covers are sweet. Still hard to get in the car if it rains though. I'm using the Ford soft mini tonneau cover on mine for now.

    You have a cool web site by the way:nice:
  17. Wish me luck guys, I have another local show this weekend with our local Mustang club.
  18. Thanks Dave! The two-piece cover will tuck behind the front seats allowing the top to close. Not a bad idea living here in Alabama where we get scattered t-storms nearly every summer afternoon. Much more practical than the one-piece cover.
  19. Cool, I've been waiting for someone to say that they fit somewhere in the car. We get quite a bit of rain up here near DC too (although not as often as there).
    Can't help but be partial to the True Blue ;) :D