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  1. Cool deal, man! I remember you. As a matter of fact I mentioned to my fiancee Tiffany when we left Cooter's Place that your car was really sharp! All I have to say is True Blue GT vert, with tan interior and a blonde to boot? Lucky man! :nice:

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  2. Thanks man. This is mine, without my wife:

  3. Hey Boss Shinoda folks- Barry and I went to the Mustang Club of Maryland show last weekend and both took home judges' choice trophies. Woo Hoo:nice:
  4. Wahoo! Way to go, guys! Keep it up! 50 cars by the end of the year? Easy! :nice:
  5. You kids can't even spell BOSS. To say anything after '70 is a true BOSS is major :bs: To say the name BOSS has nothing to do with the engine is more major :bs:

    Poor Larry is probably spinnin' in his grave. :bang:

    Just my 2 cents. :flag:


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  6. This thread's been dead for six months. Why are resurrecting it?

    This is your car? That's pretty sweet. I'm getting this book for Christmas.


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  7. I guess because I'm new here and feel very strongly about True BOSS Cars.

    Yes, that's my car & Thank You. I hope you enjoy the book.
  8. First off, I would like to make a few points quite clear. I am not here to disrespect anybody elses car. Matter of fact, your car pictured is really hot. The designer of the original Bosses was the late Larry Shinoda (as I see you are aware of). What a lot of people do not know is that Mr. Shinoda also designed a Boss off of a newer 1994+ platform. This car sported a graphics package, chin splitter, wing, and louvers, to name only a few items. If needed to prove the authenticity of this I will be glad to post a picture of Larry Shinoda standing behind a yellow 1994 Boss (That he personally designed and built) along with an original Boss of the same color. This picture was used on the cover of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords with a headline stating "The Boss is Back".
    While Mr. Shinoda is no longer with us, his company is owned by his family and headed by Team Manager Jim Klok. Mr. Klok, working side by side with Larry before Mr. Shinoda's passing, is more than qualified to run the program and the company has not changed ownership or design since.
    The point that I am trying to make is that if Mr. Shinoda were alive today he would design the cars just as they are now- as he did in 1994. These cars would be no less a Boss Mustang than the original 60's musclecars. Mr. Shinoda has left the program to more than capable hands who are intent only on building these cars to the exact blueprint and detail that Larry created. Just as if Steve Saleen decided not to make his cars for 10 years or so, and then decided to reintroduce the cars in 2014 his cars would be no less a Saleen. If he passed away and left Saleen Speedlabs to his assistant to run, then again the cars would be no less Saleens. The situation is the same.
    Larry Shinoda personally built my car. Does this make my car a fake? Again, I am not here to judge or insult anybody, I am here simply to help educate as there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the subject. I do see both sides of the conversation, however a lot of people do not realize exactly what these cars are. Thank you all for your time in reading this and I hope that this sets new light to a long argued situation.
  9. I am fully aware that Larry had a hand in the '94 "Boss". However those cars were just as you stated. Stripes & Spoilers, got any Racing History? The cars in '94 were a marketing tool, a gimick, a "Special Edition". These new "Boss" cars that are coming out are nothing more. At least Larry did have something to do with the cars in '94.

    '69 & '70 BOSS 302's were a Factory Race Car. Do I need to explain the reason they came about? Has to do with Racing, NOT Stripes & Spoilers. I'm sure your correct in saying Larry would design today as he did in '94, but to compare them to the BOSS Cars of '69 & '70 is a crime and an insult.

    I believe you are the confused one, or just don't know any better.
  10. Actually, I am not trying to confuse the two cars. I am simply explaining the history of the Shinoda cars since there have been some speculations regarding the legitimacy of the Boss. I am not at all confused, nor have I tried to make any comparison between the two vehicles. The new Boss Level I is mostly suspension and appearance and compared to the Boss 302 yes, it fails to offer the same ammount of go fast goodies however Team Shinoda also has a level III car that is turbocharged and displaces in the neighborhood of 600+ horsepower. But again, I am in no means trying to compare the two. If anybody is reading this in hopes to gain a head to head comparison then it is they who are confused. If the readers of this post are looking to better understand the history of the newer generation Boss Mustangs then this page will assist in your education. As for further posts, well let's just say I have better things to do then to float around from forum to forum explaining things twenty thousand times. Like I said, your car is hot. So is the new Boss. I have no intent on comparion the two. Enough said.
  11. Peace/Out
  12. Without Larry Shinoda's involvement, it wouldn't have been called "BOSS" anyway. And it wouldn't have had the chin spoiler, side stripes, rear window louvers, and decklid spoiler. To say the BOSS 302 had nothing to do with stripes and spoilers is major :bs: and only half the story. As an owner of a Boss car, you ought to know that it's more than just an engine.
  13. I NEVER said the stripes and such had nothing to do with the BOSS Cars. What I said is the Newer Cars are NOTHING BUT STRIPES & SPOILERS. They are not TRUE BOSS CARS. You guys just wish they were. :lol:
  14. Listen, We are all "Brothers In Mustangs" and I don't want to argue. Here's what I'm trying to say.

    Until "Team Shinoda" puts their stripes and spoilers on a COBRA R Platform Car nothing will come close to a True BOSS 302.

  15. Okay, allow me reiterate. The Level I cars are around 280 hp. They are mostly suspension and appearance. However the Cobra R platform comment is simply ubsurd. The 2000 SVT Cobra R it the most powerful R to date with a tap of 385 hp. That is simply nothing compared to the 600 plus horsepower from the SR-2 Level III Boss Shinoda that actually costs less than a new 2002 Cobra R or a Saleen S-281E. I said that I was not going to post again on ths thread, and for this I apologize but I felt that the air had to be cleared on this post. I have NEVER attempted to compare the Boss 302 with the new Boss. That is simply not a comparable situation. The 302 aginst the Level I yes, the Level I falls somewhat short on mods however if you compare the Level III to any of the '60's Bosses at all then the Level III would out handle, out run, out perform the car in every way possible, however I digress. I have not posted to defend the performance levels of the Boss Mustangs but rather to defend the sheer ignorance in such comments like the new cars being referred to as a "Not real Boss". I would also like to reming all of the members out there that this is a discussion forum and to please keep things professional. If you are dead set, however, in comparing the two cars then head to head yes, one of the sixties cars would out perform the entry level Bosses but if you are classifying all of the new Bosses together then try running your 302 aginst the Level III car. It will be you who will have to defend your car. Again, the comparison of the two cars is not at all what I am posting on. True, FoxChasis, without Larry's involvment the car would not have even been called a Boss. The car was named after Larry Shinoda's boss Semon "Bunky" Knudsen sho pulled him into the Ford project. What you said about all of us being "Brothers in Mustang", abadtb2, was correct. We don't need to argue pathetically like a group of children or worse, ricers. Let's just say that we have our own opinions on the matter and though these opinions may differ strongly, let's just call it at that. It is pointless to try to argue an opinion that may differ from somebody elses.
  16. AMEN! Couldn't have said it better myself.
  17. Level I, Level III :shrug: whatever. Those cars are still riding the coat-tails of Legends, both :hail2: Larry's and :hail2: '69/'70 BOSS 302's FORD's TRANS-AM Pony Cars.

    Why is it then T/A cars now are either COBRAS or Saleens? :rolleyes:
  18. well said Mark...

    as a 'from the beggining' BOSS 302 lover(i've owned 2 in my liftime) both 70's, i sometimes have a difficult time with this using the BOSS racing heritage and the idea that it seems to be ok to spit out cars (and trucks) with the BOSS 302 logo on them. Geeez...isn't there anyone out there with NEW IDEAS and IMAGINATION?...for starters, the BOSS 302 Mustang has a R-A-C-I-N-G heritage. The BOSS SHINODA does not..(street races don't count)..You may be able to call it a BOSS and put BOSS stripes and logos on it, BUT sorry to say it will never truly be a BOSS 302....and neither will these 'new' ones.

    be honost...its all about just making bucks off a 35 year old idea....nothing wrong with making money, but it just seems sad to dilute the BOSS 302 legend. TRUE lovers of the Mustang and the REAL BOSS 302 understand where i'm coming from. Good luck....
  19. nice...getting the last word!...

    see ya... :owned:
  20. Please Show me Where a Saleen cars or Cobra's are in Transam right now the only Mustang in transam is Boris Said and he has a Mustang not a cobra and most of fords backing in behind the Jag teams. I really don't think Having a BOSS in T/A would do much for the legacy of the Boss 302 as these T/A cars are not even close to a Factory car But to have them competing in SCCA or the American Iron series with the Steeda Saleen Kenny Brown and Sean Hyland cars that would be the way to go.