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  1. Trying to Find Pics


    I know this is a little late in the game of this thread, but I can't seem to find the pics you're referring to in this thread. I'd love to see them as I was at that car show.

    Can you point the way?
  2. I've read alot from you "team" guys and it seems to me you are doing nothing more than trying to sell your overpriced products. I am a Mustang fan to the death but the stripe package on those cars look like ass ( just my opinion) and calling them Boss is a disgrace. Please don't get me wrong, to each his own, this is just the way I feel about it. And don't even try to compare these to a Saleen, you don't even come close. You think if I put enough Volkwagen parts on my Mustang I can have it badged a Bug??? I think abadtb2 gave you a pic of a real Boss, print it, study it, learn it.
  3. Old BOSS vs new BOSS

    First and foremost everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Now here's mine:

    1. Comparisons: I Own BOTH of these cars, a 1970 Calypso Coral BOSS 302 that is a home office reserve car with TWO pages of options. One of the options is "Performance Events" listed right on the original window invoice - anybody else got one - seriously I am looking high and low for any other ones. Likely a car originally handled at Ford by Mr. Shinoda himself - research continues. The second is the R600 shown in some of the press lately and at, and that 600 is RWHP NOT flywheel HP as all other tuner Stangs advertise. FYI, add about 18% for flyhweel HP to compare to those others and you get about 708 flywheel HP. Comparing the old BOSS and the new BOSS is an exercise in futility, my goodness what 33 years of differences in new technology can make. It's like trying to compare the first electronic adding machine that weighed about 30 pounds in 1970 and could go to 2 decimal points to the right with the newest and best PC out there today forgetaboutit.

    2. Values: If the BOSS Shinoda is way overpriced then DOUBLE that for all the other tuner Mustang cars out there. They cost more, they deliver less in power, styling, engineering, and every other category you can dream up.
    An original BOSS 302 is worth anyhwere from $35 - $75K in todays market. Rob Posten's Cragar BOSS Shinoda appraised at around $125K. Are all Shinoda's worth that - well no, but neither are all BOSS 302s worth the above figures either.

    3. Performance: That comparison works well. Comparing a solid lifter, pushrod, 4 bolt main, carbureted BOSS 302 engine with a built 4.6, that is turbocharged and fuel injected, is like comparing spaceships and row boats. I own both and love both. I can guarantee that I nor anyone else in their right minds would take on the R600 in their original BOSS 302. If you have an original BOSS 302 and want to challenge the R600 then "bring it", but make sure you have your title with you. Can you say mid 15 second 1/4 mile times vs. mid 10 second 1/4 mile times, and oh yeah the R600 out handles the original BOSS 302 too! Isn't this ludicrous!

    4. Opinions: Are like elbows, most everyone has at least 2. Most people, I am sorry to say, do not have both cars though. Does that mean my opinion is any better than anyone else's - absolutely not. But, I do own both and get so tired of the BOSS 302 owners saying this and that when they have never even driven one of the Shinoda cars, let alone an R600. No, you can't drive either of mine. It's like a 15 year old reading a driver's education book and then going on line claiming to be the world's greatest race driver - a legend in his own mind. There are only 3 kinds of Mustangs in my book, good, better and best. Yours and hopefully mine fall somewhere in those categories.

    IMHO this argument is worth not quite as much as it just cost me to say it. A diatribe in futility. Any Mustang is a great car, I've had good ones and better ones. That's my .02. Thanks for your time. :bang:
  4. Even without your hands on knowledge of BOTH cars, I couldn't agree with you more. The two are like apples and oranges.

    All I ever really said is, " "they" should call it something else". You have a new car, give it a new name. Make your own mark, don't ride the coat tails of a Champion.

    There will always only be ONE True BOSS. :flag:

    Not that it really matters.

    Are you going to make the "BOSS Car Reunion" in Carlisle, PA. June of next year? :nice:
  5. Sorry for getting a little late in the game here, Jim, I don't get a chance to check out Stangnet that much anymore. What you said is so true, apples and oranges.
    One thing that bothers me however is all of the talk about Shinoda "Riding the coat tails of the legend" that I have heard over the forums. I believe a lot of the confusion falls on the fact that a lot of people think this is a "Tribute" car to the late Larry Shinoda. I think that this is attributed to the fact that a lot of people do not know that Larry Shinoda (In conjunction with "The Blue Oval's" help) designed the current vehicle Boss as well. In 1994 Mr. Shinoda not only designed the Boss 604 ([email protected][email protected]$Mustang%20Boss%2010.0L%20%20Conceptg.html) but also a yellow and black 1994 Boss Mustang. Matter of fact, I have a picture of Mr. Shinoda standing behind the 1994 Boss Shinoda with a matching yellow Boss 302 behind him. It is even signed by Larry personally. Team Shinoda is not carrying on the legacy, the history, or the memory, but rather the actual program that Larry himself began.
    As far as the R600, WOW! Awesome! I would however, like to clear up all doubt if there is any. While the R600 is an incredible production car, it does need to be quite clear to all that this IS INDEED a production car. This is not some Boss Shinoda that some guy purchased and then dropped a big block into with turbos, N2O), etc. this is indeed a 4.6L turbo production car! I also have a Saleen that produces unGodly horsepower, but that came after I installed gobs of aftermarket products over the course of three years. The R600 car is a car that you can order to your doorstep from an authorized Team Shinoda dealership with more horsepower than most people can even handle (and to the majority of the population who whould like to argue that last part- hop into the pilot seat of such a car and try it before you type), all of which is emittions legal! To hear the car is to believe it! It is not incredibly loud or raspy, it does not roar of some aftermarket exhaust with missing cats and welded in O2 Sensor bosses, it does not have the Pro-Street highly illegal sound that you would expect of such a beast. Simply hearing the car insists that this car, though insanely fast, is fully street legal, and will pass the almighty sniff tests.
    As far as the comparison, Mr. Napier is true on the account as well. I have never said that my car sets the norm for value of the Boss Shinoda Mustangs, nor has anybody else. As with any vehicle there are many factors such as history, performance, quality, condition, and even location that effect the value of the cars. But just for laughs, what would Steve's comparison car be to the R600? The only vehicle that comes close is the Saleen SR. Based off of the Mustang platform the Saleen SR produces 505hp (at the flywheel)/ 500 ft. lbs of torque
    at the flywheel out of a supercharged 4.6L V-8 mated to a 6 speed transmission. Retail cost (after dealership destination, prep, etc.) is $179,325.00 (give or take a few quarters). Mr. Napier, wanna fill the Boss side of this? :D Please, all of you, keep in mind that I am not trying to start WWIII here, because of all the things that Jim said here, the one most true is that we ALL have our own opinions and everyone is entitled to them. There is no wrong or right opinion, just right and wrong and right information. I am not here to change the opinions of a few, but rather to clarify the facts. On another note, Jim...1970 Calypso Coral BOSS 302 also??? Some guys have all the luck! Take care to you all and remember, some are Saleen, some are Roush, some are Boss, some are SVT, some are V6, but we are all Mustang!
  6. OK-OK Here's what my problem is/was.

    I'll admit being a bit selfish when it comes to owning a BOSS. They are so beautiful, and have such a history, and there were so few, that it's "just one of those things". I can only speak for myself, but I believe some of us are just trying to keep the old days alive and don't want anything new to tarnish what was, or steel the thunder so to speak.

    I apologize for being single minded on this and have come to grips with it. As long as these cars are Bow-tie Butt Kickin' Awesome, I'm in. Just always remember your Roots and most of all Larry. Peace/Out
  8. got a question about lisa boss shinoda. that is not a boss shinoda front spoiler right? how did she get badged then. isn't it a mach 1 front spoiler. thanks.
  9. Actually, the car in question, if I am not mistaken, is a pending car and not a badged vehicle. To my knowledge their car lacks just the authorized wheels, chin splitter, and wing from being badged- but Jim Klok wll have to confirm that. On a personal note, NICE car!!! I love the '04 Comp. Orange. Gonna look killer with the enitre package! Hope to see you at the shows! Take care,
  10. hey thanks man, i really hope i can get it badged. i really dont want everything just some appearance stuff. thanks. i have a cardomain too that i need to update with the latest mods of my car. thanks.
  11. What about 71 Boss 351? Didnt it outperform stock Boss 429 in 1/4 mile?
  12. yes it did. i owned one.
  13. wow nice thread. there is some kit that drives a black 94-98 style "Boss" mustang, but i thought it was some ricey :bs: because i never heard of a late model Boss. Is there any way i can tell if it is truly a production boss or not??
  14. The only true way is to check out and look under owner's list. If you see a car on the list that resenmbles the vehicle/location that you saw you will know for sure. The other say to tell is to look at the fender stripes. Though it is optional equipment, most of the real Boss Shinodas have a black and chrome fender badge such as pictured here.
    The third way to tell is a little more direct. If you happen to see the car at a show, take a look at the dash and firewall. If there is a Shinoda badge it is legit. If not, well...
  15. Beautiful car man...
  16. Thanks! It's been a lot of fun getting to know all the family in Team Shinoda!
  17. I am a big fan of Mr. Shinoda and his work. I'm glad to find this thread. I'll be getting my own 2016 legacy V6 next spring.