Boss T/A front brake upgrade (Lincoln/Tbird calipers) thread

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  1. I already have the cast iron calipers. I'll give these guys a call can verifty that those calipers are an aluminum version of the bigger tbird calipers.

    I might be barrowing a set of TA brackets this coming weekend so the project might get jumpstarted again.

  2. they are definitely an aluminum version of the big bird calipers and they also have huge 2" pistons instead of the stock K/H 1.75" pistons!!!!!!!!!!!! whatever price they are asking, i'm sure it's well worth it since the stock iron calipers weigh a ton. with the aluminum calipers you get the better braking of the big 'bird calipers plus some, and less unsprung weight. the weight is the big reason i was thinking of using the vette PBR calipers instead of the K/H but i'll spring for these aluminum versions as long they aren't $1000 a pair or something ridiculous like that.
  3. i just called them and those calipers are pretty darn cheap for what they are.....just $375 for the pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nice::nice::nice::nice::nice:
  4. Dear God ! 2" pistons ? Is that going to take a larger MC to drive ? I have the SVO MC with a 1 1/8" bore... I hope that will be large enough !
  5. so let me price this out real quick....

    aluminum big 'bird calipers......$375 pair
    Rotor Pros slotted rotors........$120 pair
    ebay caliper brackets..............$300 pair

    of course there will be other costs too, like brake lines, bearings and seals and brake pads but that's still not bad. hell once it's all said and done it will be cheaper than SSBC's standard 11" disc kit with stock mustang 4 piston calipers and way cheaper then Cobra Auto's big brake kit.

    so i think i'll do this and use a set of MP 11" rear drums and have basically the same thing they ran on the early T/A cars before they started using the stock front discs outr back. i really wish i could find a rear disc kit for the small bearing rearend that has the internal drum parking brake that i could adapt a set of the SSBC aluminum mustang 4-piston calipers to then that would be the ultimate brake system for me but i'll settle for the drum rears for now.
  6. yeah that should be fine, if not the next step up from that would either be a corvette or F-250 master with a 1.25" bore but i don't think you'll need to change it.....hopefully
  7. Not to be mean but its obvious you didn't read the thread.

    I already have the original K/H 4 piston setup and want something bigger but still 4 piston and classic. I can't stand floating calipers.

    Bnickle doesn't want to run 17" rims on his.
  8. and we will both using the original drum spindles as well. and since neither of us has a 65-66 model mustang we wouldn't have geometry problems anyway.
  9. I thought I did read the posts. Sorry I missed that part.
    I will let you boys play then and not ask you questions or offer any input...
  10. feel free to ask question or offer advice, just realize we have been playing this game for a very long time and chances are we've seen or heard of most of the available options when it comes to brakes, though it is possible for us to miss something. however be aware that we are both pretty well dead set on using a 12" x 1.25" wide rotor and a 4 piston caliper or in my case at the very least a 2 piston caliper, though i would still much prefer the 4 piston. also be aware that this thread is 5 pages long and Rusty and myself have a majority of the posts in it. in fact Rusty started the thread. i think what he meant be not reading the posts was that you didn't read the entire thread, and in order to really follow what's going on here you'd have to read the entire 5 pages of the thread, which it "seems" like you didn't do. in fact i believe at one point we had already shot down both of the options you listed earlier in the thread.
  11. try the rear disc brake system from a late model crown vic. they use an 11.65 rotor and drum style emergency brakes.
  12. i've seriously considered it but i'd really like to adapt the aluminum
    small aluminum 4 piston calipers like they did on the T/A cars, plus i'm not particularly fond of the offset caliper thing on the CV brakes, it's not very aesthetically pleasing. i may know of another system that i could adapt but it will be a while before i'm ready to start this project anyway. gotta get the GT sold first

  13. It was part of the BOSS 302 Chassis Modification Stage II if memory serves me correctly. Check out the book. It's still out there.
  14. Sorry to jump in so rudely, but do you know offhand the year of those 1 1/4" MCs?
  15. As long as I've already jumped in this thread, some one might like to know those pamphlets are available free as pdf files:
    Boss 302 Chassis Modifications.
    Boss 302 Engine Modifications.
  16. I tried both of those links and all I get is a blank page. I've never owned one of those books, but I've heard from many people that the rear diec kit required custom axles.
  17. Yep Mike, we got that one down. I think we want to get the fronts done before we try to tackle the rears =) The hard part of the rear brake setup is geting the axle brakets. I'm sure the axles are a standard Ford axle, just gota figure out what the part cross references to.

    The links work fine for me but they download slowly. Try right clicking and choose save link as. Also, you need a pdf reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader or FoxIT Reader (I recommend Fox as its a lot faster).