Boss vs. Mach

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  1. To settle a wager between myself and a friend i just want to know which is better...

    '69 429

    Mach or Boss
  2. It all depends on personal taste.

  3. and yours is?
  4. better how? and i didnt know there were any 69 429 mach 1's...?

    i'd take a boss 9 over any mach, simply because the boss is just so much more badass.
  5. exactly what I told her!!

  6. I would take the boss over the mach. allthough I'd happily drive either one
  7. Well this is a somewhat misguided question as neither can be totally better and proved it. You will just get opinions, not facts. I have to say the Boss'9 because of its market value and brute power. However the Mach 1 has the visual appeal minus the badass motor and such but i'd still take the Boss.
  8. The cars are different creatures. I've driven hem all, and each are diffeent.

    The Boss 302 is the ultimate corner Carver, wonderfull on the road course, weak at the drag strip, and just cool at the cruise. A Mach 1 is a great cruiser, and a Bad-Ass brawler with the 428. The Boss 429 never did reach it's potential as delivered, due to compromises to get the motor to fit and run in the Mustang Body.

    I'll cghoose the Boss 429 for sheer underhood recognition. My favorite is a Boss 302, wind that motor up and hear it sing!!!
  9. Just say the mach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Boss is badass :nice:
  11. I think I would have to go with the Mach I with the 428 Cobra Jet. They were faster stock.
  12. For the Strip, Boss 429.
    I am working on Building a 351c that will run with it. [stock] :nice:
    and Carve the corners like the Boss 302. :hail2:

  13. The Boss is well the Boss.
  14. My time with the SCJ

    I did spend many years with a 69 Mach 1 SCJ. I finally got it all set, it ran 13.8's in full street trim with the 3.91's, Went well over 130 with the 3.25's, and I ran it many years at SAAC conventions in open track. It was a hoot trying to carve corners at Lime Rock with it! Bellowing Engine, howling tires, but I was fast!!!

    Admittedly it was the best compromise of the two, but the Boss 9's shoulder-to-shoulder exotic engine is something special...

    Here's the Mach clicking off a pass at Englishtown...

    Hey 69M1C - Come on up to Blocker's, event posted on the NorthEast Forum...
  15. I would have to say the Mach 1 for overall ride experience, but then again I am kinda biased.
  16. Boss 429. The 429 has so much untapped potential and with the extra wide shock towers (wish I had those :(). However the 428 with the shaker is so cool.... Still say the 429.
  17. i think the boss is cooler but it like the name mach 1 better :D
  18. 69 Boss 9 = coolest car ever.
  19. Id have to side with the Mach 1 .
    On the personal end , to me it looks better, that body style is a freakin home run. Not a better looking factory car around.
    On the speed note, the 428 CJ was a faster car right off the floor . When you start tinkering, well, thats different. Like Chepsk8 said, the Boss hampered by various restrictions.

    On a side note, The only modified car around that Id wave a flag for is, well, Eleanor (Wooohooooo! :banana: ) .

    So, on the merits of those killer lines, and the out of the box speed superiority , Ill take the Mach 1.
  20. according to a stangnet poster whose dad owned both, the mach was faster till about the 1/8 and then the boss would start tearing it a new one, passing shortly after the quarter and never looking back :)

    give the beast some real tires and rev it up some and i'll take it :D