Both Mufflers Exploded.......What's wrong?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ram360, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. My friend picked up his 87 GT yesterday. It's a pretty nice car, but I'm somewhat concerned. We were aware the mufflers were blown out before purchasing the car. I just assumed it was from age, rust, etc.... However the previous owner told him something along the lines of when he went to start the car one day both muffs exploded, and it was because the car was getting too much fuel because the FP wasn't adjusted. (I wasn't there to hear the guy explain all this to him) When I had my chance to look at the car. I looked under the hood and it still has the stock FPR. I've never saw anything like this before. Both muffs look like someone put some explosives inside each one and set them off. Motor is 100% bone stock, stock headers, stock h-pipe, just an exploded cat back, and gears? Any ideas? :shrug:
  2. .....The gas pedal sticks too
  3. I dunno but in my 69' Chevy I had(carb'ed of course) backfired I believe cause it was super loud and both mufflers exploded that I had on there, quite funny.
  4. Dont drive or ride in that thing till the gas pedal is fixed. I have heard of mufflers blowing up, but have never seen it happen, got any pics? Raw gas in the muffs and a little spark is all it takes. You can cause a carbed car to backfire in the exhaust by turning off the key while you are driving and leaving the tranny in gear. This will dump fuel into the exhaust. After a couple of secs, turn the key back on and boom! I dont think this should work on an EFI setup unless something is wrong with it. Pull the codes for starters, and I would be checking the FP, maybe the FPR went south and its dumping tons of fuel.
  5. When mufflers explode like that its from fuel pooling up in them (mostly on chambered mufflers like Flowmaster) and eventually the gas ignites and blows a hole in the yeah the guy is right, it's definitly not burning all the gas in the combustion chamber. Try checking the spark plugs, timing, etc...
  6. Ok, Thanks guys. I have an extra FPR laying around so we'll put that in for starters. I don't have any pics but I'll try to get some. That's scary. BTW any ideas on how to free up the sticky gas pedal?
  7. I had both my mufflers explode literally when my throttle got stuck wot and i kit the key off then back on.......... scary times
  8. First thing you may want to check is the Vac line going to the FPR. Does it have Vac? Pull the Vac line off at idle, if you put it on your finger it should stick to it like a house Vac would.
  9. Check to make sure the idle adjustment screw is not sticking by the throttle body.

  10. Some AFPR's look like the stock one, once you pull the vacuum line you will see a screw on the part the hose was connected to, the stock one does not have this....
  11. yeah, I've seen this happen. Normally it happens when there is an intermittant ignition problem, like a wet TFI module or something, where spark is beign killed and raw fuel is being dumped into the exhaust, if you get enough of it far enough back and it ignites, those restrictive rusted stock mufflers will explode, and it is LOUD.
  12. :rlaugh: when i was 16 i started my car in the garage and felt a big explosion and the garage was a cloud of smoke, i had no friggin clue what happened untill i looked under the car :bang:
  13. We replaced the FPR last night. I figured that was a good place to start. The gas pedal on the car is very weird. When the car isn't running you can push the pedal and it works just fine. Opens the throttle very smooth and works fine applying the normal amount of pressure to the pedal so the cable is fine (not kinked, or binding on anything). Once the car is running the gas pedal is difficult to push down (feels as stiff as the clutch pedal) I'm totally confused on this one.
  14. All the vacuum lines seem to be fine.

    The reg on the car non adjustable but was bigger than those found on stock 5.0's. We replaced it w/ an oem part.

    This also apprears to be functioning as normal. :shrug:
  15. The same thing happened to my neighbors old Pontiac LeMans. Didn't get in depth, but said a backfire caused both mufflers to explode. He said a welded muffler (ie. Dynomax Ultraflow Welded) would have been fine.
  16. So it's possible it's an ignition problem? Like I said other than the gas pedal being siffer than normal, everything else if functioning as normal. The cap and rotor look good, however the previous owner said it has Bosch platinum +4's in it. I'm wondering if they are causing the problem w/ a misfiring cylinder or something. I never understood how you get the gap correct on a 4 prong plug? :shrug:
  17. Check the throttle body blade it's possible it's sticking to the housing........