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  1. I call her that because all I do is sink money in to her. So this summer I am going to try to get a load of work done and install all the parts I already have. I have some money put away for some tires, I have a 255LPH fuel pump, shocks & struts, rear upper and lower control arms. I would also like to fix the trans leak, replace the master cylinder and brake booster, and the heater core. I am making this thread to hold me accountable. So here are some preliminary pics.
    CIMG0290.jpg CIMG0202.jpg CIMG0005.jpg 1526319_10152171027838679_1122085327_n.jpg 1511232_10152171025273679_313665938_n.jpg SfY6hyf.jpg CIMG0291.jpg
  2. Is the first pic the master cylinder? That's some serious rust. I'm guessing the strut towers next to that is going to be full of rust too. Might bet a good title. Keep us posted.
  3. Sadly that is the master cylinder. The brakes on the car are pretty much garbage. I don't leave home without my bottle of dot 3 in case it barfs up some more brake fluid. Also, that is all brake fluid.
  4. yikes. I wouldnt even be driving that until you get that MC and the brakes fixed.
  5. I live on the edge, lol.
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  6. I just throw up a little by look at first pix :(
  7. That's how my brakes were :lol:

    There's nothing like it when you almost go through a stop light when your brake pedal is to the floor :rlaugh:
  8. Lot more hilarious that way...
  9. Didn't mean to make it sound all gloomy :(
    It was my only car to drive and it was fixed shortly after. It wasn't on the road like that for very long.
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  10. I was being dramatic :nice:
    But OP, fix your chit before you decide it's go-fast time
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  11. Point is that it's more than the person choosing to live on the edge. From where I sit it's no different than DUI. It shouldn't be on the road, period.
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  12. I can see driving a car with a tire with a slow leak, or a starter thats crapping out, but never without fully functional brakes
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  13. I fully regret the comment I made, can an admin or mod delete that or edit it out?
    It wasn't fun or exciting to drive a car with bad brakes but past experiences can be laughable at times.
    While driving in that state I was ALWAYS driving way behind everyone going 5 or 10+ under the speed limit. The stop light comment was just an exaggeration gone wrong.
  14. Don't take it too hard bud. Alls well. Everyone does dumb stuff. Don't think anyone's gonna burn ya at the stake...this time
  15. Get a rope:fuss::riot:
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  16. I reaaalllly don't want to come off like an azz, but a couple of suggestions for what it's worth

    Don't move that car until the MC is fixed- that is scary looking and can get someone killed.
    Those lower control arm bushings have poly bushings on both ends- those put a major stress on torque boxes and squeek like crazy. Check your torque boxes before you install them and at a minimum weld up the seams. Not trying to make you spend more money, but I'd sell them and get a good set like the MM or Steeda ones with the spherical bearing on one side. Same for the upper control arms. On a street car the poluy bushing cause major bind. All you need is replacement stockers or 94-95 rubber bushings in yours .

    You have a nasty trans leak that needs to be taken care of. AOD's can fry up with low fluid levels. Check you tailshaft housing seal and bushing.
  17. man bro?...i have a set of sve upper and lowers in a box at home i was goin to install next weekend!....its the only thing i cheaped out on with my whole build,thought it would be fine for my street/strip car,now im really doubting my perchase even more!.....stop making sense!,gona cost me $$$!
  18. that racist
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  19. I feel like I need to clear the air here. Yes that MC is absolutely the worst, but the only problem with the brakes is there is air in the lines. The peddle is a bit soft, but I have no problem stopping the car. Also the trans leak just started yesterday, and obviously that needs to be fix immediately. Unfortunately, this is my daily driver, but I am working on getting another DD so when things like the trans leak occur, its not a huge deal. Also the rear upper and lower control arms are not going anywhere, I understood what I was getting myself into when I bought them.