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  1. The guy I bought my '83 Mustang L from in high-school drove it from British Columbia, to Northern Ontario with no brakes what so ever. He slowed the car down by throwing it into first and used to stop the car by throwing it into park.

    ....that probably explains why I only gave him $100 for it. o_O

    Put new brakes on it all the way around and rocked it for that entire summer, into my senior year of high-school and all through the next summer. The sunroof leaked and it didn't even have a radio. Best car I ever owned....(no lie). I eventually traded it for a running Bronco II and Ford Ranger.

    Found it in a local wrecking yard almost a decade later. I just about bough it back from the yard, until I found out he bottomed it out going over a set of rail-road tracks and trashed the undercarriage. RIP "Desert Storm" will be missed. :(
  2. :eek: that transmission must have been torn apart. You cant do that with an AOD. I threw it into park going 1 mph and heard clicking noises. scarred the :poo: out of me lol.

  3. AOD....oh no....nothing as complex, or state of the art as all that. This baby had a C5 in it.
  4. That's really far!.....maybe?
  5. That's about 2,400-miles. About 300-miles shy of the trip from New York to Los Angeles.
  6. Ouch, I once drove home from work to home with no braking power, about a 12 mile drive, late at night with nobody on the road and it scared the crap out of me. Turns out I was out of brake fluid. I'm pretty excited to get the ball rolling on my brakes.
  7. Well I have been up since Thursdays studying for finals. After I got some of my finals out of the way, instead of taking a nap, I decided to fix that trans leak before it did some real damage. So I ran down to the local O'Riley's and picked up a funnel, a trans seal, a light, and some transmission fluid. However, they only had one bottle of the transmission fluid, so I am going to have to go tomorrow and pick up some more. Here is a few pics that I captured. Also, I did knock the seal in all the way. Oh, yeah my whole undercarriage is covered in transmission fluid, whats the fastest and easiest way to clean that up?

    CIMG0294.jpg CIMG0295.jpg
  8. Did you double check to make sure the trans wasn't overfilled first? The covered undercarriage has be believing it's coming out of either the vent on the top of the trans, or the seal at the tail stock....and that's usually a sign of it being overfilled.
  9. 48+ hours of no sleep :rock:

    I applaud you man, I wouldn't have been able to do that. I probably would have screwed something up being so tired.
  10. After the installation of the trans seal, I turned the car on check the trans fluid. It looked fine, then I let it warm up to where the temperature gauge normally sits and check again, it looked fine again. Took it for a short drive, checked the fluid and it looked like it needed some, so I added a little at a time until I used the entire quart, checked again, still needed some more. I am starting to believe that trans leak was going on longer than I suspected because the drive shaft was covered in it, and it got it everywhere.
    I am surprised I wasn't beat tired when I started this.
  11. get a big container of simple green and spray the entire underside of the car with it.. you may need to use a firm nylon brush as well. If you have a pressure washer or a local coin op car wash then you can spray the underside as well. If not use a hose.