bought 2010 v6 thats been crashed and rebuilt missing parts


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Feb 15, 2019
aransas pass texas
The car 2010 mustang v6 has been rebuilt but not completely put back together all the way. I need a few things! The evap system under the back of the car is missing. All that is back there is some wires that have been yanked out of their plugs and 3 hoses that go nowhere. I don't know what all is missing and where it really attaches as I just bought it this way. Any pics of what I should have back there and how it mounted would really help. Next. the blower motor is making a noise like something is hitting it like something fell thru the vent. I cant find anywhere as to where the motor is mounted or where to look really. Been driving the car and so far been good other than CEL that wont go away till I fix all the evap stuff. Please help if you can.
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