Bought a 2002 3.8L mustang

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  1. Bought a 2002 3.8L mustang (Mod advice)

    Just bought a 2002 3.8L Mustang and just wanted some ideas on what mods (engine specifically) I should install.
  2. well, a tuner is a great start, and needed for most mods. from there, duals and a K&N drop in filter.
  3. All right thanks man. I was thinkin a BBK 70mm throttle body as well get the pypes true dual and get the sct tuner. Your thoughts?
  4. 4.10s make a great difference. make sure you back it up with a tuner to recalibrate your speedo. unless i am mistaken, i believe with an 02 you just replace the speedo gear. otherwise i would get a tuner anyways.