Bought A 69 Mach 1 The Other Looking For Some Thoughts On Mods??

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  1. Hi, Haven't posted on Stangnet for some time as I haven't had a Mustang for a couple of years. However, I recently got the itch and was cross shopping classic fast backs with 2012/13 Bosses. Two pretty different cars I know, and in the end I ended up buying a completely restored 69 Mach 1! I went with a Mach because I intended to keep whatever Mustang I bought for a good period of time, and well a Classic is always a Classic, and a new Boss becomes old news after a year or two.

    I've had the car for a couple of weeks and it's crazy how much attention the classics grab, but I'm also a go fast enthusiast.

    The 351W drivetrain is freshly re-built with the following gear:

    Original 351W bored .030 over, not exactly sure on compression
    Edelbrock RPM heads # 60229
    Edelbrock camshaft # 2182
    Ford racing valve covers # M-6582-E302P
    Roller Cam Crane Cams rocker Arms 3 11746
    (1.6 ratio w/ 3/8 studs)
    Crane cam components #44621-16
    AOD automatic with Shift kit# B&M 40263
    Edelbrook carb 1406 600cfm
    MSD Distributer Part # 8354
    Rad Fan 16”, S blade Maradyne #M162K
    Magna Flow 2.5 “ exhaust System # 15816
    Long tube headers
    3.73's rear gear ratio

    The car as it sits isn't exactly slow, but it's not fast either. I posted this build up on some other forums and got and estimated HP of about 350-400Hp. But it just doesn't seem like that much HP is on tap, so I'm talking it to a shop for a tune up to see if some easy HP can be had with some jetting.

    I'm also not sold on the shift kit in the car so I might have them install a TransGo kit any thoughts on these? As the AOD is currently lacklustre on the 2/3 shift and holding second for any length of time, but it does bark the tires into second on the 1/2 up shift.

    What would be some reasonable thing to do to make this combo allot hotter? I was thinking an Air gap intake, bigger Cam and keeping the RPM heads for now??? Because the engine is freshly re-built, I don't want start tearing completely into just yet, and crate motor could be in the cards down road so I don't want to sink too much money into it either. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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  2. Yeah ,we need some pics, Congrats on the new 69.
    Just my opinion ,Keep the 351 its one tough motor .
  3. Your engine combo is just like mine, except I got the Edelbrock Air-Gap and a BG Speed Demon 750VE (Have swapped it for an Pro Form 750 - but not driven it). I also got a cast Scat crank, forged Scat H-beams, and Wiseco Pro-Tru forged Pistons, 10.80 Comp ratio. Also got a 3.70 Tru-Trac diff. One thing I'm sure of, you're under-carbed. Put an Holley 650 or 750 on it. The Air-Gap is an no-brainer.