Bought a 69 torino.

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  1. Could anyone help decode the vin,90H38j1528527 tried a couple sites with deciphers but it only came up unable to decode?It has a Gt in the center of the grill.And 429 emblems on the front fenders. Thanks for looking 75 mustang II
  2. I think you need to recheck the VIN you wrote down. It's looking to me like you actually have a 70. Is it a wagon? I think a 429CJ also.
  3. that is not a valid VIN that's why you can't decode it. the second position on the VIN would be the assembly plant and there is no assembly plant O or 0, then positions 3 and 4 are for the body type for which there is not an H3 and 38 is the code for a wagon, J engine code could be either a 70-up 429 or a 68 302.

    i think you need to write down the VIN again make sure you use the one on the dash plate and not the door since a door can be changed. if worse comes to worst you may have a state issued VIN which will never decode to any kind of factory spec since it really has nothing to with the car and is just a state issued identification tag not unlike a bar code lilke that used to identify state owned equipment like office chairs and computers, etc.
  4. i even tried different combinations of what you provided and couldn't decode it
  5. Thanks for all the help,I will check the numbers the car isnt home yet.These are the numbers off the vin on the dash.Tried to be careful reading them but something must be wrong.The car does have a shaker setup,dont know if it was added or origianal.Doesnt look like it was something just cut in though it has factory looking seals on hood opening. Thanks again
  6. The shaker is another indication that you bought a 70 and not a 69
    But there is nothing wrong with that either way :)

    I'd love to have a 70 with the 429CJ/shaker, hope you got a deal.
  7. Is this the one you had questions about in a previous thread? If so, you said it was the same body style as the 70 I posted so I have to agree with bnickel.
  8. RacerX,It is the same car I asked about.Will be bringing it home next week.Then I will get pictures and find some additional numbers and get this figured out.The guy I bought from is 75 and he wanted some time to find paperwork and keys.Bnickle, its not a wagon its a fastback,Iwas checking the peddle setup for the clutch to see if the four speed could of been added. It looks factory,it has power disc brakes also disc brake logo on pedal and booster under hood.Im stoked cant wait to get it home. Thanks for looking .75 mustang II
  9. I checked out the pictures that torino 420 posted and it looks like the 71 body style in the picture.Torino 420 is the car in the picture tubbed or is there that much room for tire back there?That 71 is even the same color. 75 mustangII

  10. ok well lets look at this as if it's a 70 or 71 model then since those were the only 2 years that the toino got the shaker hood.

    if we leave off the 9 at the beginning of the vin (0H38j1528527) the we have this...

    H=Lorain assembly plant
    38=Torino Cobra body style
    J= 429 CJ ram air

    and the rest is the serial number.

    so what you have there is a 70 torino cobra with a 429 cobra jet with ram air which could end up being a super cobra jet if it has the correct gear ratio option but those are super rare, not that what you already have isn't pretty damn rare itself. i'd say it's definitely a keeper!!!!!!!

    by the way the 38 body code while being correct for a torino cobra (factback) for 1970 is also the correct body code for being a wagon in 68/69...just FYI :nice:
  11. That 71 has been mini tubbed.
  12. Oh my, it'll be interesting to see if this is what he has!
  13. Got the car home lastnight,Bnickle had it correct.OH38J152852 The first and last digits were symbols at the begining and end of the vin.After I cleaned it up a bit it was easier to see.The 429 is gone ,the 4 spd tranny is still in it.The rear springs are broke so its sitting real low.Need to get under it and check the rearend and tranny numbers.There is some bondo around the rear quarters but the rest of the car is solid.Glass is all good and bumpers are good.The interior is nice ,the carpet needs replaced.Pictures this weekend.Thanks for looking.75 mustangII
  14. sounds like a fun project!!!