Bought a Carbon Fiber hood and trunk

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  1. Don't even have the mustang yet, but today I picked up a VIS Carbon Fiber Hood, and a VIS Carbon fiber Trunk.

    Also a Clarion headunit already in the dash kit.

  2. Get them painted, but if you want some CF to show leave some strips masked off it'll look sweet! :nice: Also have them installed professionally. Alot of VIS stuff fits like crap and needs modification to fit like stock.
  5. WOW Looks expensive.
  6. Paint it and that would look good.
  7. Any chance you could check the difference in the weight of the stock hood and trunk lid and the carbon ones? I was thinking about doing this same thing to my car and I'd just like to know what kind of #'s it would shave. Thanks.
  8. I like CF hoods, but i don't like that particular hood. Just not a fan.

    I've been trying to track down a CF hood for my black Fox. I'd leave it unpainted and put some hood pins on it.
  9. Definatly paint them the same color as the car so it doesn't look like you were in an accident.. thats what i did with mine... but if you want some of the CF to show you can always keep the section on your decklid unpainted where most people put honeycomb panels.. that would look sweet
  10. Get hoodpins. I have the VIS 2000 cobra R hood and it shakes a little much at speeds. Also be really gentile when closing it, they have got to be the easiest hoods to crack. Mine took a lot of adjustment to fit properly. Just cause it fit someone elses car doesnt mean it will fit yours. They are LIGHT.
  11. Yeah I will do that when I swap them out.
  12. If you have ever taken off the factory trunk lid, it weighs less than 40lbs. The hood is composite, and is lighter than the smaller Fox body hoods. Carbon fiber hoods run almost $500 to save all of 10-15lbs. Save your money, buy a supercharger :nice:
  13. Sweet , you should def get them painted. Im curious as to how much exact weight the trunk lid saves. Ive already got a carbon fiber hood on mine and would like to add the trunk if the weight to cost ratio is worth it.
  14. A 99-04 mustang hood weighs around 45#s. That CF one should weigh 10-15#s. Thats 25-30#s saved JUST on the hood. I know my 00R hood (fiberglass) on my old GT weighed 22#s....vs 45#s stock.
  15. any install pics:shrug:
  16. looking good but, a def. +1 on getting them painted.
  17. It says he doesnt have the car yet. He just has a hood.
  18. Cost to weight ratio? You should look at how much you weigh and just PAY YOURSELF that money to lose the weight to equal the weight savings of the CF trunk. I didn't know there were weight weenies in the Mustang culture - only in cycling culture.
  19. i'm doing some weight reductions myself............going on a damn diet
  20. Lol, are you suggesting that it's not worth it to lighten a mustang?
    I am not going to gut it, but the hood and trunk are easy to swap out, and I'm sure it will shave at least 50-60lbs.

    When I had my 90 accord, it was completely gutted. The only things in it were a Mugen drivers seat, the oem dash, the oem steering wheel, and a short shifter.

    No carpet, no passenger seating, not trim panels, no nothing! Which was quite annoying, because the lack of AC turned that car into a big black oven in the summer. And the passenger seat belt computer beeped every 2 seconds because it wasn't plugged into anything...