Bought a Carbon Fiber hood and trunk

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  1. I don't think that a CF hood + trunk would shave 60 lb's. You're going to spend $1000 to shave 60 lbs? And that's $1000.00 WITHOUT the cost of painting the pieces, if you decide to do so. 60lbs off of a 3300lb car = 1.8%, which is the equivalent of adding about 1.9% of power onto the car. So - that's adding 4.94 CRANK HORSEPOWER. Which is about 4 rear wheel horsepower. The only weight reduction mod that I buy into - for daily driving purposes - is reduction of rotational masses (flywheels, underdrives, aluminum driveshafts, lightweight wheels, etc. By the way - I think the CF hoods look sick! I would love one painted yellow with the CF showing for the GT stripes. But I also want long tubes and a new factory color paint job, so CF is not even really on my list.
    Also - good luck with the diet! Throw in some bicycling and you'll have a serious driver weight reduction mod on your hands shortly!
  2. Taking weight out of the cars isn't too difficult and every bit helps. Must be nice having mods just WAITING for a car :D

    2 weeks ago at the track my car weighed in at 3174 without driver. Not too bad for an automatic car with some weight taken out :nice:
  3. HAHAHAHA thats funny i did the same thing with my 89 accord. It was STILL slower than shat. It did run a 10.5 in the 8th(once). It was the carburated 2.0. Yea slower than anus. All it had was a full header back exhaust stage 2 clutch and a short throw. Ahhh memories. I'm so glad i upgraded though.
  4. Rule of thumb is lose 100lbs and gain a .10 in the 1/4. I had a problem with my Nova running in the 10s and it wasn't legal for 10s so I added a 3" pipe full of lead that weighed 300lbs and it slowed the car .30, well for a while then it went 10s again and they threw me out.
  5. unless you paint it like has been suggested before, i think CF looks ricey, just my .02

  6. I certainly see where your coming from, and you offer a valid point. And in any other case, I'd be with you. But I picked them both up for $750, and new I believe they are around $1,100-$1,200. So I figured that was a good deal on some parts I may want later on when they are not available so cheap.

    Just ordered hoodpins from JEGS. :)
  7. Smart! Make sure you weld the bases on and not bolt on.
  8. Get it painted, looks awesome!!!
    This cari is owned by a guy named Josh from my car club.

  9. Also, I would like to add that I am 6'1" and MAYBE 125 lbs, lol. So that is not relevant to me! :rlaugh:
  10. I was thinking about the trunk, but I'm scared enough as is to drill my CF hood for pins... I wish they made a CF stock style wing, I'd get that n paint all but the recessed portion.