Bought a new car today

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  1. I am pretty excited, I have been contemplating getting a new car for quite a while now. I graduated school in May and since then took some time off and then got a good job. Don't worry though my Mustang is still resting safely in my garage covered and waiting for its implant of a 9 inch and Granada discs. I am waiting for it to warm a little before tackling those projects.

    Anyway, I bought an Acura TSX with a 6 speed manual. Sure it is a 4 banger but it has 200 horsepower and gets 23/31 mpg which will be good for my commute. Standard equipment it has heated leather seats, HID lights, 6 spd, sunroof, and indash 6 CD changer. I am really happy with the fact that it has a 6 speed, I don't really enjoy driving automatics.

    I am pretty excited since it is my first major vehicle purchase. Don't worry though, my Mustang is still the automotive love of my life.

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  2. Tried to add a picture but I guess the forum is still having that image problem. Oh well.
  3. thats cool. i must say they are a sweet looking car, ,not to mention i want the seats! :nice:
  4. Thanks, yeah the seats are really comfortable with excellent side bolstering. Maybe I should pull them one weekend and see if they will fit in our Stangs.