Bought a New Challenger - Sorry Ford, Rant Included

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  1. First off.. I apologize to the blue oval :nonono:. I've bought three new Ford Mustangs in the past 13 years and loved all of them . They were:

    1997 SVT Cobra
    1999 35th SE GT - 320,000 miles on this one :)
    2001 Steeda Vert

    Here's the deal... I have family that retired from Ford and have always bought on A-Plan. I've been trying to buy a new Mustang for the past 3 years or so and the details follow:

    • Tried several times over the past few years to buy a GT500 - No A-Plan and not moving off MSRP, but that's cool as this is a specialty vehicle
    • Tried to buy a 2007 Shelby GT with cloth on A-Plan that had been there for a while - Wouldn't A-Plan, but that was cool too, as I bought a 4-Speed '79 T/A instead - That one's a keeper

      No luck so far, but I was glad I waited, as the 2011 GT was coming out with a killer engine:

    • This vehicle shouldn't be a problem to get on A-Plan as they'll be happy to make a gajillion of them
    • I got an idea from KBB what my 01 Steeda was worth on trade and went to a Chevy dealership and talked about an SS Camaro first - They offered a very fair trade, but I really didn't want a Camaro
    • I stopped at 3 Ford dealerships - I could tell that none of them wanted to sell on A-Plan, and one said they would not order a car for me or locate one if I used an A-Plan pin
    • Two of the dealerships flat-out insulted me on the trade offer - I actually walked out of one of them
    • The third dealership said that because I was buying on A-Plan, they had to give me far less on my trade to offset the difference

    Ok, here's my problem... I thought that Ford A-Plan was used to keep employees and family members of Ford employees in Ford vehicles. I realize that they're no longer making as much off the sale of the vehicle, but I'm still buying Ford parts and requiring service on the vehicle. Plus it's a sale for the dealership.

    Anyhow, went to a Dodge dealer after the last one - they gave me money off sticker, a couple of grand in Mopar bucks, a fair deal on my trade, and are going to pick up an R/T Classic I want from another dealership about 2-3 hours away.

    It just seems crazy as a Ford dealer back in '04 was trying to give away an '04 Competition Orange Mach I that they had to be losing money on. I guess the times have really changed.

    My questions are: Am I just out of line here, and expecting too much? Are Ford and the dealerships in a position that vehicle sales don't matter as much as profit per sale? I always thought they wanted more Fords on the road, but maybe I'm wrong here. :shrug:

    BTW: Shelby GT500's are still $2500-$3000 over MSRP at some dealerships:notnice:
  2. well you have to consider the market. the mustangs are better cars than the challengers, are selling better, and naturally the ability to nickel and dime the dealers gets difficult compared to the competition which flat out sucks in comparison.
  3. I think that the 11 GT's are still in such high demand right now, they know they can jack the prices up and not come off them because SOMEONE will pay what they're wanting to not have to wait for their car to be built.

    They'll pay that extra $$ to be able to drive off the lot right then and there with the car they want.

    It's supply and demand and I'm planning on waiting until early next year before shopping for one.

    I know there are places I can find an 11 GT for MSRP but no one around me wants to budge. Can't blame them really.

    No one wants the challengers so that's why it's easier to get in one. Everyone is buying GT's and camaros because for what the SRT challenger is going for, you can get a used C6 vette.
  4. I think it is the demand aspect of the 11's right now also.

    On the other topic, hope you like your Challenger. I actually like the styling of the Challenger better than both the Mustang and Camaro..just the powertrain (power to efficiency ratio) isn't as good, nor is the sticker price.
  5. I hope you enjoy your Dodge, they are great looking big comfortable cruisers with great motors. That said, I got my 5.0 for 750 under invoice. I know others have done better. My local dealer was willing to knock a couple of grand off msrp on a 2011 gt500. TEMPTATION WAS AMAZING!

    Ultimately you have purchased a really nice piece of American Muscle. Enjoy!
  6. Ford right now is set. No one really wants to buy a GM or Dodge car because of all the bailout crap. And I don't blame them. So when those people want an "American" car or truck they go to Ford. The Challenger your getting has probably been sitting on a lot somewhere for months. If I were you I would have just waited a bit for the 5.0's to cool off. Your gonna be hard pressed to get a great deal in the middle of summer on a sporty fun car. Now in the dead of winter it would probably be different.
  7. have fun driving that boat.
  8. You gotta get what's best for you! And, in this case, that would be the Challenger. Sounds like you wanted a great car at a great price (and I understand that too well) and you got just did happen to be a Mustang. That's okay. On the bright side, there are fewer Challengers on the road and it is a great cruiser with muscle and a comfy ride...Enjoy! :nice:
  9. It's simple economics or supply and demand. When Fords supply of Mustangs is highly demanded and flying off the showroom floors as soon as they come in then your bargaining power is out the window! Dodge needs to get rid of all its stuff, you have to see what's going on here. Even with the RAM as MT's 2010 truck of the year they still need to take off $4,000 off sticker plus Chrysler incentives to move them.

    P.S. My Ford dealer NEVER charges over sticker no matter what the special model is or the demand, you have to search and do your homework.
  10. Well, even though it's unfortunate that you didn't get a Mustang, that definitely doesn't mean you won't enjoy driving it. Those are very nice cars!
    But it definitely sounds like a supply and demand situation going on here.
    Enjoy your new Challenger!
  11. Yea, I think most of you are right regarding supply and demand of the 2011 stangs. The 5.0's are new, and I did notice they seem to be moving quickly. In a way, I can understand dealers not wanting to budge, as they figure there will be someone else that will come in and give them MSRP or close to it. It was just so frustrating going through the ordeal.

    My Challenger was sitting since May 6th, which really surpised me as it's Tor-Red with the Classic package. Personally, I prefer the looks of the Challenger over the Stang and Camaro, but the 5.0 engine in the stang is flat-out awesome!

    I've only had the Challenger for a day now, but I'll say this.. it's way different than any Mustang I've had. It does seems to drive smaller than it is, but still seems to get it's DNA from the 60's-70's muscle cars. So far, I'm really enjoying it, but would really like to get rid of the stupid 1-4 skip shift :D.
  12. Yeah I've driven the SRT and the RT versions and they are built to be amazing highway cruisers. The RT especially with it's cylinder shutoff tech that raises gas mileage to about 23 mpg.

    That's where their size helps them. That and I do agree that they are hands down the best looking new oldschool muscle car on the road by a mile.

    The whole bit with most owners averaging 15 mpg with the SRT though is what ultimately held me back as I do a lot of driving and next year will be doing MUCH more... the 5.0's better mpg rating is what sealed the deal for me.

    That and the fact that I couldn't really get the R/T challenger knowing that there was a bigger badder version for not that much more.

    Certainly not the price gap we see with the 5.0 and the shelby.

    Oh well... Top Gear's trip to the salt flats and vegas with the ZR1, CTS-V and the SRT8 re confirmed my believe that the SRT is a great car just not the one for me.
  13. Since we all agree that it's a great looking about pics?
  14. Seems like an ok buy to me if you got the price that was in your budget, and the rear of the 2010 Stang is pretty gross. I drove an SRT 6 speed car last year about this time when I took my Cummins in for a recall ,surprising out of the hole for such a heavy car, also the Brembos where highly effective. Post some pics if you don't mind.

    Also sucks to see Ford not taking care of their retired employees a little better than just a couple grand off sticker. As you said more Fords on the road would seem like better business to me. There is a couple Nissan plants close to where I live and they offer really good deals for employee purchasing from what I've been told. But as others have said Ford is in a really good spot right now with Mopar and GM bailouts they are catching a lot of extra sales from mad tax payers.
  15. Anotehr thing from what I've read (back when I was seriously considering an SRT8) is that Dodge really did a fine job engineering the engine to be tough.

    KRC is the best in the biz to get tuning from. Them or Hennessey
  16. dear poster,

    your opinion is wrong.

    another poster
  17. Sounds like you made the right call. Enjoy your new ride!!
  18. Sorry to offend you Stallone lol, just an opinion.
  19. I sort of agree, it's not bad, but I kinda feel like ford cheapened the back of the 2010 so they can make it look better for up coming model years.

    Mustang designers did a great job giving the 2010 hips and an agressive stance, but the back end lacks the WOW factor that you get on some cars. e.g. Aston Martin, Jaguar XK even the Challenger. I put money on it the in the next few MY's the rear will get MUCH better.

  20. go ahead. i don't shop here.