Bought a New Challenger - Sorry Ford, Rant Included

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  1. 1. Neither one of those cars have been made since 2005. I’m talking about the new Dodge of the most recent couple of years post “bail out”. I mean really, if you recall, Fords of that same era had plenty of quality control issues of their own before shaping up in the 2005 Model year

    2. I’m not quite sure what this has to do with them putting out a great product? I don’t recall a light curb weight or low cost being criteria for an excellent automobile. If so, most of Europe’s finest had better run and hide, as heavy and expensive seem to be characteristics of some of the greatest cars ever built.

    3. So what you’re saying, is that as long as it’s cheap people will buy it? If that were the case, the Ford Festiva would still be a best seller. It takes more than cheap to sell a car. Do yourself a favor….go take a new Dodge Ram for a drive. They’re a really , well built truck. Much more so than their previous model and more so than GM’s or Toyota’s current. Quite honestly, the only truck on the road right now that rivals their quality is the Ford…and for that, you pay. The same goes for several other vehicles in their lineup. I’ll say it again. Dodge is “now” putting out a top notch product and a veeery competitive price. More so than Ford.

    On a side note. I just picked up a 2011 Ford Focus today as a rental while my truck is down for repair (got rear ended last week by some lady who thought playing with her contact lenses was more important that watching the road) and I’ll be damned if it’s not a nice little car. It’s even good looking…and their new SYNC system is slick as snot. :nice:
  2. 1. vipers were made well passed 05 dude, dunno where you've been. horrible quality. dodge is still doing the same things and none of them are as good as ford. yeah its passed the bail out and they aren't getting anymore of my money.
    2. a 4200 lb performance coupe is a friggin oxymoron. weight ruins everything. also, i haven't seen one yet that didn't have a factory issue crooked trunk.
    3. who gives a crap about a festiva? im talking about real cars. you're on a mustang forum dude.

    ford has the best quality, technology, and bang for the buck of any american car company. dodge is slashing their prices to keep up. /story
  3. I didn't know the R/T's were avalible in manual, how's it out of the whole Steeda ?
  4. My point still stands. They are building better vehicles than ever and selling them at better prices than their competition. IN MY EXPERIENCE, they’ve stepped up their quality and craftsmanship considerably in the last couple of years on all of their products to match that of Ford and are steadily gaining momentum as a result....and the sales figures prove it!
  5. here's how this works. people that aren't really car guys or need a car will bite on a good deal. dodge doesn't make absolute trash, it just isn't as good as ford and when they slash prices it suddenly becomes competitive.

    thats the point.. they have to slash prices. i didn't expect you to go on some full fledged debate about how "well technically dodge is blah blah" i mean really, its a mustang forum. just make fun of dodge and move on.

    then the thing about the viper? really? thats pretty much where your whole failboat sank. you can put that retardation in the same camp as your two ton sports car crap.

    take it cereal, its the interwebz.

    BTW, im making almost no effort to correctly respond to you because you can't quote and respond to someone correctly.

    welcome to the internet.
  6. Kinda embarrassed, but I haven't hit it yet from a dig. Nothing like roasting a set of Eagle Supercar tires though :D. I will say that it is real torquey down low which really makes it fun to drive.
  7. It really isn't hard to an increase in sales from last year.

    What is their market share now? I'll tell you. :D
    What are they selling?
    They must be hugely profitable? Well, no.
    I have links (where are your links?).
    Chrysler posts smaller quarterly loss - Business - Autos -

    A 27% loss of market share is a good thing?

    According to J. D. Power, Ford is rated significantly higher than Fiat (who was given Chrysler LLC after Mercedes-Benz dumped them). You can look at Chrysler and Dodge here:
    Ratings | J.D. Power

    I am glad that Steedaq bought a Fiat Challenger. If only 1 million other consumers would buy one, Fiat may be able to return my taxpayer bail-out money.

    BTW, Ford has increased market share.
    They are also profitable (+$18B in the last 12 months). And they are not sucking money from the U.S. taxpayer.
  8. so the data backs up what im saying?! no! :flag:
  9. as the owner of a 2011 gt premium I can tell you Fords build quility is top notch. As a family member of a person with a 2010 Challenger I can tell you it is also a very nice ride. The mustang is much more sporty but the ride quality is no where near as nice as the Dodge. Performance to Ford, ride and comfort to Dodge by far. Also the leather in my mustang seats are already showing a ton of wear on the side bolsters and I only have 1100 miles on it. I think the big problem is the Challenger and the Mustang are really two totally different type of cars. I refer to the Challenger more like the old 442's, more of a bankers muscle car not really a "sports" car. I also think the best thing is the competition is bringing out some great cars and everyone wins when that happens.
  10. Completely agree with you on your points, and they're definitely two totally different types of cars.
  11. How many would you like? :shrug:

    CHRYSLER CANADA INC. | Chrysler Canada Sales Increase 17 per cent in February; Retains Position as Canada's No. 2 Selling Automaker for the Month
    CHRYSLER CANADA INC. | Chrysler Canada Sales Soar 101 per cent in June
    Chrysler, Ford sales jump in Canada
    Chrysler Canada sales jump 53% in May
    Chrysler Canada reports best July sales since 1997 at Allpar Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep News
    I guess if you believe your "Chrysler Bad....Ford Good" knuckle dragging rants above translate to statistics? :scratch:

    Stats aside (his or mine) it still doesn't change the fact that Chrysler is now putting out an excellent product…more so now and the last couple of years than they ever have in the past. Go drive one and see for yourself. I'm a Ford guy through and through, but after driving a few of Chrysler’s most recent models, I have no problem admitting that they’re putting out every bit the product, Ford is and the Blue Oval Giant is going to have their work cut out for them holding onto that lead.
    Agree 100%...i was trying to get that point across to a member above, but to no avail.
  12. And until Ford brings out the new motors for their F150's people who are wanting power will have to go elsewhere.
  13. Indeed. As nice a truck as the F150's are. The 315hp they put out is kinda bottom of the barrel in the full size truck market. Don't get me F150 is no slouch, but at over 6,000lbs, 315hp/365tq isn't as impressive as you’d think. My buddies Hemi powered Ram runs circles around me through town and passing on the highway and both trucks are full size supercrew 4X4's.

    With the 5.4L 3V being the only option in the F150 for at least the next couple of years, you feel every bet of the heft that these behemoths are carrying.

    ...that's why I'm saving up for a ROUSHCharger for mine. :D
  14. just the fact that they make that embarrasing 300 car... I can't take Chrysler seriously. That thing is a joke.

    The Challenger would be cool if it dropped 600-700 pounds.
  15. Is Chrysler (Dodge) really an american company anymore? Between their failed marriage with Daimler and now Fiat, I am not sure you can classify them as an American car company. On the other hand with 2 seperate corporate welfare bailouts perhaps we should classify them as a US govt car company.

    I just sold my 2007 Magnum SRT8 that I had nothing but problems with. I would have sold it sooner, but the day I drove it off the lot the value dropped 50%, original window sticker was $42,000 1 year later blue book was $14,000. I've owned several Mopars and am offically done with them. As for Ford not willing to deal, I would disagree, my local Ford dealer bent over backwards to get me into 2 new Fords.
  16. Depends on whether or not it's primarily american hands putting them together. If so, I would say yes.

    About how I consider Hyundai to be an american car as most of them (certain models) are built here in Alabama primarily by Americans. I think the Koreans control more of the actual business aspect but it's the american workers getting their hands dirty on the assembly line.
  17. Recently bought my 5.0 for about 3200 less than sticker. thought that was a pretty sweet deal.
  18. I glanced at a few of the posts on here..

    Perhaps the underlying problem with your attempt to purchase a Mustang had to do with the dealerships and not FORD?? :shrug:

    There is a dealership that is ten miles from my house.. I would NEVER buy a car from them. Complete shysters..irresponsible business practices... markups on all 'specialty' Mustangs (they let a few Shelby GTs bake in the sun for over a year because they kept the mark-ups). :bs:

    With that said, I drive to Orange/Riverside/San Diego county dealerships to buy/look at cars... Furthermore, if I get a bad vibe from an a**hole salesman, I will find another..

    Don't get me wrong... I like your car.. but I feel that the buyer has to take responsibility in getting the best deal.. it's all about how you negotiate. If you walked out on multiple occasions, and they still didn't accept your offer, or give you more for your trade, than yeah, there is a high enough demand for the new Mustangs that they don't need to sell them for bottom dollar.

    I would totally drive the Challenger... And a Camaro... but I would still have some sort of hindsight that I could have had a Mustang..

  19. Well said, 1965coupe.

    The R/T wouldn't be my first choice but I still think it's a cool car. I've seen one around town with the exact package as Steedaq's but it's in light blue. It is a very cool looking car but there's always the size and weight penalty that would make me think twice. My ranking in terms of which order I'd buy them in:

    1. GT
    2. R/T
    3. SS - I'm leaving some performance on the table but visually, and as a potential daily driver, the SS is my least favorite.
  20. I had already admitted that sales have increased from last year. I was referring to total sales (not just in Canada).

    I posted the J.D. Power tech. Are they stupid? Can you post and link something with better information? A Super Moderator should be able to defend his opinions. :D Or not.

    They can go with a Ford Super Duty (or a Ford Raptor). I would never shop for a F-150, but I need a real HD truck.

    Then Toyota, Honda, BMW, and MB cars are American? They all make cars in America. VW is building a big plant in Chattanooga, TN. Will they now be American?

    But where does the profits go? It goes to Germany and Asia.