Bought Another 2.3l

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    Been searching for a new DD for longer than I care to remember. Everything finally came together.
    '08 Fusion S
    Redfire Metallic/Camel
    2.3L, 5-speed manual

    The Mustang will sit in my parents garage and get driven sparingly in good weather until I'm ready to drop more money into it than it will ever be worth. Or if I get in a bind and need some cash I'll sell her. Maybe.
    I think.

    Probably not!
  2. Nice car! Good on ya for getting the 5-speed :)
  3. How's it feel to be back in this century? :lol:

    I make fun, but it was a similar situation for me. My wife and I had a 97 regal and my 97 GT. Just a few months ago, we finally got rid of the regal and got her a newer escape. I am pretty sure I spent as much time repairing the regal as she spent driving it.
  4. Yea I probably wouldn't have bought anything just yet but I know manuals are getting harder and harder to find so I just bit the bullet.
    It's great. Power windows/doors, AC that works! A buddy asked me the same thing and I told him it's a 5-year old base model Ford with no options. But you could tell me it's a Mercedes and I wouldn't know the difference. And yea, the Mustang was just beginning to require to much attention anymore. Not to mention the logistical problems it created (I have a daughter under 2).

    I'm leaning more and more toward selling the Mustang though. I made a long list of what I've done to it over the years and the new parts installed more recently and blah blah blah. I'm going to get it out this weekend, weather permitting, and clean it up real nice. Then if I decide to sell it, she's all clean and shiny.