bought blackout taillight covers

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  1. today i bought the blackout tailight covers for my car.
    They look like this:
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    Its similar to Jenns cover by i think mine has a different kind of texture. Jenn if your reading this, was it hard to put on?
    What do you guys think about it. ( like it really matters i already bought it :D) I just enjoy getting and reading the different feedback from you all.
  2. Is it just the tailight covers, or does it include the center blackout area?
  3. taillights and center blackout
  4. Heeeyyy Sport.... I posted this over on the "OTHER" board....

    RE: your ? on visability:
    I had smokes on the front and rear of my 03 GT. With the secondary driving lamps (fog lights) on, visability was fine at night. However, I had a buddy drive the GT while I tailed him in my 98 V-6 and the smokes reduced the taillight visability. I used industrial strength velcro, so that the covers could be easily removed at night and tossed in the trunk.... same with the fronts...BEST OF BOTH WORLDS...

    RE: Install of center blackout
    I bought and installed the same center black out (GTS right?). It installs with 2 long runs of pre-mounted 3M tape. The center badge cut-out in the ridged vinyl panel is a little large when overlayed on the lid deck. There is about a 1/8"-1/4" gap left behind that shows the paint. I used gloss black pinstriping to seal around the badge and panel. It wasn't necessiarily bad looking, I was more worried about water. I kept thinking, that if water got in there and sat between the panel and the paint, that it would not be real good for the paint and it would eventually compromise the adhesion of the 3M tape. Wouldn't want that baby falling off while driving...Just a FYI...

    Jennifer :nice:
  5. thanks jen!
  6. OOOoooooo I am ordering the taillight covers RIGHT NOW... I just noticed the price drop from $70 to $50.... Count me in....

    OR NOT :( :nonono: >> Mom needs her monthly prescriptions refilled (only $530 worth).... :notnice: Oh well.... It's not her fault she had a stroke and can't breath....

    Bummer...maybe another time.... Let me know how they look and fit.... Thanks Bud.... :D

  7. sorry to hear that about your mom. She's more of a priority anyway. I'll post the pics next week when ithey come in the mail. Also i paid $50 for the tailights and $50 for the center black out. But jen it seems that yours has a different texture than the one im getting. Are you sure they are the same?
  8. nevermind jen, thanks for the pics. I had a closer look and it looks the same.

  9. Thanks T....... Yes she is!!! :nice: She is my mama :D .... I lost my papa 9 years ago to Kidney Cancer... She is my main priority. I work, live and breath to ensure that her final years are comfortable and safe. I WILL NOT, put her in a long-term living facility. That would cost me nothing and be of the utmost convenience for me.... However, I am not going to do that.. She deserves better.... She gave me her unconditional love and has been there for me my whole 34 years of life. She gave up her life outside the home to raise my brother and I. I could never put a price on that.... :hail2:

    ~J~ :OT: > Sorry.... :D
  10. jenn, its a beautiful thing to see how you care for your mother and are so level headed. thats why i love reading all your post.:)
  11. well, i finally got my panels today and all i can say is wow. It looks so much better now, imo. I'll have pics in a day or 2 when i can find the cord to camera. Also in the process of putting the panels on, i kinda locked my keys in the trunk, so now the hunt is on for the spare. :(
  12. LOL... Dude... Too funny. KINDA. This is why I always leave the split seat unlocked and have my son sit on the other side. That way, I can always reach back and open the split rear and wiggle through. Although I keep my spare in the "Bill Box", easy to find since I am ALWAYS putting bills in there. LOL :rolleyes:

    Yep, get those pics! Maybe the USB camera cord is with the spare keys. :) I really want to see the whole package. Glad they worked out and you are happy. I know I am. Fair Warning, the panel is a dust magnet! :D If you don't already own one, you may want to pick up a "Original California Duster". Hahahaha...

    ENJOY! :nice:

  13. finally found the cord..............and the spare key:)
    here are the pics.




    Dont mind the date.

    enjoy :nice:
  14. VERY NICE drtc.... :) How did the center section fit? Any modification needed or has GTS reworked the cutting to fit better?

  15. thanks Jenn.

    the center hole is a little big but not noticible unless ur REALLY up close. Also the taillight covers dont have a neg. impact on the brightness of the lights.

  16. That may change at night or in different lighting conditions, just to warn you.