Bought some new heads, what bolts and timing chain to get?

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  1. I just got some TFS Twisted Wedge Heads, TFS Stage 1 Cam, TFS 1.6 Roller Rockers, and hardened pushrods all used. Got it got $950 and now I'm going to need some bolts, gaskets, and while I'm at it I'm going to get a new timing chain. I'm going to get the ARP bolts but don't know which ones will work so if anyone has a part # please let me know. Also what timing chain should I buy and what gaskets should I use for this?

    Heres a picture of the heads
  2. Since the motors gonna be down, it's a good time to upgrade to a SFI Balancer. Pioneer makes a good one thats cheap. $160. The engine will be so much smoother.
  3. forgot to add... does anyone know if the fox valve covers will clear the heads? If not which ones will?
  4. Definitely get a multi-index timing chain. I got a FMS unit from Summitt, and I just bought a lunati one from Ed Curtis at a VERY good price for my '90GT. Contact him and see if he has any more left. This will allow you to advance/retard your cam if you so desire. As for the ARP part number... I'm not sure off the top of my head. Good luck, I think you did well in buying that setup. Be particularly careful with the valvetrain geometry.
  5. 950.00...Thats a good score.... :nice:, like Paul mentioned, i got my Rollmaster from FTI...Was 96.00 shipped..kinda $$$$, but i wanted one FTI part in there.. :D

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  6. Ed also has cheaper lunati ones in additon to the one Rio got which is a REALLY nice unti. If I had to do it over again, I'd have a rollmaster in my '95. the lunati is not as nice as the rollmaster, but they will get the job done and still offer adjustability of cam timing.
  7. I went with the TF standard height valve covers and oil fill kit. Also needed a 3/8" plenum spacer to clear the covers, no problems.
  8. that stuff only cost you $950? did i read that right?
  9. yeah thats right, it was from a friend of mine.

    If you decide for any reason not to keep this stuff you are obligated to offer it to me first!

    sell ya my P's hehe
  10. :lol: nah man I think I'll keep them for awhile... and yes it was only $950.
  11. Part # 154-3601 is the arp head bolts you need. Fox vc's might fit, but I believe you need to grind away a part of them near the alternator that interfeirs. Thats a nice price for the stuff you bought. Consider changing the valve seals while the heads are there.
  12. I didn't have any trouble with the Fox VC's fitting near the alternator. It was a little tight near the throttle body (with the oil fill tube), but fit.

  13. dang you had a hard time just taking the air pump off and you come up with this :eek:
  14. Great score man... 12s here you come! :nice:

    Which tfs heads are those, and what will ur compression ratio be? What valve sizes?
  15. arent they the TW heads... 2.02 valve heads i believe
  16. he says in his first post "Trick Flow Twisted Wedge"
  17. :lol: actually it was pretty easy down to the last bolt... That thing didnt want to come out and my dad even had problems getting it off.

    They are Twisted Wedge Heads, 2.02 in. Intake Valves, 1.60 in. Exhaust Valves, 61cc Combustion chamber. Think I'll be able to reach 12's with my 2.73's in it right now?
  18. get the small things sorted out, like the balancer, rear end, and some new 02's and i dont see why you wont be in the mid-low 13's, making around 270-280RWHP

    bolt on some 24's and a 80mm maf, 190lph fuel pump, and you should be just around or over 300RWHP..
    convert to fox style throttle body and you will defintaly make 300+.. If your planning on the turbo or blower route then just wait on the maf, injectors and fuel pump..
  19. I meant as far as convincing your dad to take it off. Didn't you post up where he didnt want you to take it off?
  20. oh, yea he didn't want me to take it off... didn't complain about it when I got it off though. He pulled into the driveway when I was about 3/4 the way done taking it off and he just kinda rolled his eyes and kept going. He was also the one who went to check out the heads with me and keeps telling me I'll need another car to drive because mine will never run anymore which will probably be true