Bought some new parts for "Killer's" resurrection!!! DUW!

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  1. That's what I'm afraid of. I know some factory convertibles come with the a pillars painted black, and they don't look bad. Here's a back to back pic of the car with the a pillars painted black and one with them yellow. I don't know if I'm not sold on it simply because its not what I'm used to seeing it or not.



    If I paint the top yellow, there will be a big black ring around the car where the top meets the car. I don't think that will look good either.
  2. Can you photochop the hood, rear trunk and wing black too?
  3. i think it would look alright with the black would leave people asking what the hell is that a gt hardtop?!?!? lol if you paint the front pillars black it would look a lot like the fox body mine...i dont know if i like it...when i repaint i have been debating going same body color...but your car looks good all yellow let us know what you decide
  4. My vote:



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  5. That might look hot with the black hard top.
  6. black 2 tone FTW!

  7. Hell yeah!!!!
    Thats the ticket Paul!!!:nice:

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  8. Paul is going to have to fab up some facades from fiberglass that go over the windshield frame. Keep the OEM pillars yellow (for top down driving) and paint the glass ones black (to be installed when the top is on). :D

    The two tone (the most recent chops) is kinda cool though..... I think Matt was going to do something like that before he went to Australia.
  9. well, if you still have those stock tails and are willing to get rid of them I'd be more than happy to help you out there.

    btw, I kinda like JT's idea about the facades, lol.
  10. love the black 2 tone :)... Do it... Do it...
  11. could always just try it with some black vynal first. then if he dosent like it all black just peel it off
  12. I think it actually looks a little more "low slung" with the a pillars painted black. I like the look of the two tone in that "Kevin R." did.
  13. i like the pillers black and i really like the two tone treatment, but those are my 2 favorite colors black and yellow ....maybe even a silver strip in between the two ???
  14. so im the only one who thinks the two tone looks like poo?
  15. Ya, I agree on something to seperate, or it just won't look right. Silver would be the best.

    Trav - Have you ever seen the two-toned red/black stang? It looks MEAN. I think it would look equally good with yellow and seems the work best with your hard top situation. BTW hard top = :hail2:
  16. that 2 tone does look sweet and prolly gets my vote.

    there were 8 gt/v6's that were made in 95 for press brochures and the like. luck have it they were all yellow with a yellow hardtop and white softop/interior. i have seen 1 photo of a couple of them and they had yellow a-pillars.

    in that picture they did not have the hardtop on the car though so like mentioned that black line for the weatherstrip may not look right.

    edit-----someone wanna try that 2 tone scheme in a diff color, like say black top/beryllium lower? or black top/dark red lower?
  17. 2 tone FTW! If not then just do the pillars black. Even without the hardtop they look good black, your just not used to seeing it that way.
  18. The two tone looks killer Paul (lol funny how I said that). As long as you keep the black up pretty high and don't over do it, I think it would turn out awesome.

  19. No, because he can't get rid of the yellow. He just cant. :D
  20. Nice hard top, If I recall correctly, there was a few 95 Convertable Cobra's that came with the removable hard top option. Just dont remember how many where built.....