Bought some new parts for "Killer's" resurrection!!! DUW!

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  1. 499 Cobras in 1995 had the removable hard top option. I want to say they were all black.
  2. All black with tan innards
  3. I am going to give my opinion here. I would ditch the body kit, and go with a cobra front bumper and the rest stock. Then I would do the black a pillars with the black top.

    Kinda like this car cept yellow on the bottom
  4. i would do either a silver or red pinstripe
  5. Damn Paul, this is a hard choice without it even being my car. I've always been a fan of how clean your car was being one solid color, but the chop with the two-tone black/yellow combination is pretty nice, too. I think you're going to have to buy another 'vert and try it each way to see which you like better :D
  6. I like the 2-tone black, but the black really makes the roll bar stand out. When you re-work it maybe consider going black with it too?
  7. Thanks for all the responses and thanks to Kevin R. for the photoshops! Although I think the two tone looks neat, its just not me. The most I'd likely do in black would be the top, windshield frame, and mirrors. Exactly like this:

    Hissin- Good minds think alike! I'm pretty sure that the A pillar is a two piece design and that the outer "shell" comes off. If it does I had planned to get a new set from a salvage yard and paint them black so that I didn't have to repaint my stock pieces. If only the two A pillars come off and not the very top part of the windshield I was going to put black vinyl on it to see how it looks before I'd paint it like Urban had mentioned.

    Cbarr- I plan to keep the tail lights for now. I may want to cut a hole in one and use it to mount my battery disconnect switch when I finally get around to mounting it in the trunk.

    Reddy351- I was thinking the exact same thing, low and sleek!

    Troy- If I ever was to do a two tone, I would break it up with a small border of a different color like Charlie's car.

    69Clark- I think you are right and that is the direction in which I am leaning.

    Kornnut- Thanks for posting that picture. That is exactly what I have in mind for the car! And you'll also be happy to know that my body kit is on its way out. I don't know if I'll have enough money to get the new parts painted, but I already have the following to go on the car:
    -Cervini's stalker front bumper
    -ABC exclusive saleen style side skirts and will soon have the saleen door fillers to go along with them. (Thanks Rich!)
    -Saleen style heat extractor hood (this has to go on the car this year to clear my holley intake)
    I just need to buy the rear saleen bumper I want and then the new body kit will be finished. It will also finally be lowered at that time too. WHOO HOO!

    StangGT95- If I would have hit the power ball last night I'd be on my way back to where I bought the top from because they had my identical car there for sale and its COMPLETELTY bone stock. I wanted it so bad when I was there, but I already have two mustangs that don't run, I'd be divorced if I brought another one home!

    94-302-vert- A roll bar was planned for the car before it hit the streets again this year, but then I came across the hardtop and my funds went to it. I figured I had better get the top first so that when I have a roll bar made, it will fit both the soft and hard top. It would have sucked if I put a roll bar in it this year and then down the road found a hardtop only to discover it didn't fit due to my bar. I was having a hard time trying to decide what finish I was going to do the roll bar in, but now black will work perfectly if I leave the top black and paint the windshield trim black.
  8. I vote two tone. I am not a huge yellow (car) fan, but it works in the 'vert for some reason. But with the black hardtop and blacked out pillars, it looks fattie-boom-battie.

    I really think it helps to break up the car and give it a neat look!

    Great buy (once again, out of PM format)!
  9. Paul just wanted to let you know the A-pillars pop right off like you were thinking. All ya have to do is find a set in black and your set. On a side note you can just paint the top canary and be done with it. JMO
  10. I think you should just paint it all yellow. about the black strip around the rear when the hardtop is on....I think that makes it more obvious that is a removable hardtop. it will set the car apart and be easier distinquished.
  11. LOL. Actually Paul I was thinking of that red car when I did those chops, and for some reason I remembered it being along the bodyline. I guess I was wrong.

    But that would look good with the top black on yours as well.
  12. Kevin, are you just using hue/saturation on the layer to do this color change? That's how I'm doing it, but yours looks better.

    Thanks for the clarification Rich, looks like I need to find a salvage yard with a 'vert! :)

    Prokiller- I actually do NOT want people to be able to easily distinguish that its a hardtop, at least until I get my new roll bar in. (hint hint)

    Thanks Ben, as you can see it went on with little fuss. I'm glad I got it now more than ever! The car should look a little "trimmed" with the new body kit. The xenon kit definitely makes it look fat IMO.
  13. i'm glad you put some pics up, its been sooo long since i have seen that car :rlaugh:
  14. Kind of. Since I haven't really figured out how to make nice shiny gloss black, I just unsaturate it (CTR + SHFT + U) and the use the brightness to make it blacker.

  15. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Bigger and blacker? Or faster and "yellower." :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  16. the black hardtop with the yellow bottom looks pretty cool
  17. LOL nice deal for under $900 funny because i was looking at the same one and sent it in a message to ben... and people said that i wouldnt fab it without a ton of work to fit a normal vert... so i didnt bid... lol nice by bro.... next time i see one im gonna pick it up... let me know what fabbing was required
  18. Saleen tails!?
    oh dear god, say it aint so Paul, say it aint so :(
  19. I saw your thread on it. I had already been in contact with the seller prior to seeing your post and I was hell bent on buying it even if I did have to do some fab work. Like I said earlier, the only fabrication that is needed that I've seen so far is the A pillar plastic needs a hole drilled into it for a pin that comes out of the top when the latch is locked shut, that's it. The rear side attachment points connect to the soft top frame and the rear center latch just goes under the metal lip on the car. I did a lot of searching and everything I found also said it would never fit without massive fab work, I'm glad they were all wrong. It does have paint cracks like many others have mentioned, but I'm not too worried about it.

    Rich, I had done a similar chop with the blacked out hood and it looked too much like a car from "cars" the movie to me. I'mm mess with it later and show you what I mean.

    Doug- I know, I know... it was just too good of a deal to pass up. Like I said, I may not even put them on the car. I have an idea I want to try before I decided to definitely part with them.